Keeping Your Head Above Water During Finals Week
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Keeping Your Head Above Water During Finals Week

Don't Drown. Stay Ahead. Be proactive. Free Your Mind.

Keeping Your Head Above Water During Finals Week

It's easy to feel like you're drowning during finals week, and to be truthful, maybe you have so much work that you are. Right now, I have seven essays to write in the next week. One per day I guess? Anyway, enough about me. Finding your way through can seem impossible, but sometimes your time can become eaten up by unnecessary things. I've started putting my cell phone in an entirely different room while I study, making sure to shut off my message notifications on my computer, as well as any banners or alerts that may prove distracting...for example a sale at a clothing or makeup store? That can turn into a whole night affair, and before you know it, you are both out of money and time, and your procrastination has only added even more pent up, unnecessary stress to a high school or college schedule.

Sometimes, you will also have teachers who you really think are out to get you, or have a personal agenda to make your life miserable. Do your best to put all of these distractions, whether physical, mental, or emotional AWAY. It will make a drastic difference. I preach aout meditation frequently, but searching apps on youtube dedicaed to focus or even energy when you need to keep pushing through, is a tool no one should go without, and most don't think about inserting nor maintaining in their daily lives.

Finally, take each day at a time. It can be super beneficial to stay ahead of the game, and if you start early, it can seriously pay off, but if you do not have this luxury, do not spend your times, when you could be resting your brain in transition to your next assignment, worrying about how you "aren't going to get the necessary tasks accomplished." Take your time. Breathe. Know that a break, at least off of in class school work is soon to come. Enjoy your young mind. You only get one.

Happy Finals and Good Luck To ALL!

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