Why You Need To Focus On Yourself First In Any Relationship

Everyone has relationships and there's always different kinds. There're romantic relationships, there're friendly relationships, there're family relationships. It always important, for those to work out, that you think about how the other person is, but you also need time for yourself and to think about your wellbeing.

Why, might you ask?

From personal experience, relationships are hard. They can be mind-boggling things that take up your time for better or for worse, they involve the people who you hold closest to your heart, but relationships almost always have you focus on the other person.

Well, what about yourself?

As the years have passed, it's becoming more and more common for people to stop and think about themselves for once. I'm not saying in a selfish way, I'm saying that we are being made more aware that we need to take care of ourselves too. We need to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health first before we start worrying about others.

Yeah, so I guess that sounds super selfish, but you really can care about yourself while still caring about others. My boyfriend and I love each other very much and thanks to him, he's helped me learn that I can still care about myself and make myself happy while being in a relationship. If I have a problem, I'm working on stopping to think about it and what I can do for myself. The solutions to personal problems can vary; maybe you just need a nap, maybe you need to get the help you need. You should never be afraid to help yourself when it means to benefit to your health.

This is something that I know many people have trouble doing. Our society teaches us that we must please other people no matter what, but I think we should please ourselves first. It's important to always take into account how you're feeling and how you're doing. If you don't, issues might be overlooked, which can ultimately create more problems for the long run. I want to make sure you start taking care of yourself now so you can be healthier for years to come.

I believe that when people are able to take care of themselves, they'll be able to help take care of others at their "peak performance." Think about it, if we all are taking care of ourselves, we would all be the best we could be, which in turn might actually improve our ability to take care of others.

I know that this might just seem like I'm talking about your typical self-care, and while I am, I'm also trying to say that you need to take this seriously. I'm not giving a list that tells you how to destress after a long day. Although those things are nice, you need to make sure you're always taking care of yourself first. Not happy with your relationship? Talk about it with the person involved, it can make things feel a lot better. Not comfortable in the skin you're in? Do what you have to so you're the happiest in your own body.

You come first, I guess that's the simplest way to put it. You are in control of your life and, while the people in your life are important, you need to think about yourself before others.

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