Hey Readers!

I wrote this poem in honor of Mother's Day. I personified mothers as flowers and gardens being the world. I keep in my deepest thoughts those who don't have their mother; please let this poem provide some solace although never a replacement for a mother's love. All mothers, blood related or not, I send many wishes of love to you. May the day do prove memorable to all!

Flowers are different from garden to garden

Some have vibrant colors that can catch the eye in an instant

Others have more subtle hues that require time to find, but once in view, a beauty all the same

Flowers come in different scents everywhere you go

Stronger for some while others want your nose to graze ever so closely to smell

There are petals that are rougher than their neighbor, but not any less beautiful

While petals that are softer may not necessarily fall apart, keeping their ground

The nectar of each holds an earthy wisdom that many insects acquire

And their stems encompass even more to pass along

Rain water nourishes those who feel their petals wilt, sadness of losing another

Perfumed hope unto those who need it the absolute most, to see another sunny day

Let rain water flow into your seeding soul and keep you safe among the storm

With gardens, no single one is the same

There are a few with only one type of flower

Or with many types

Or with very few types

But none are ever the same

There are big gardens

And there are small ones too

But it is the flowers within these places that make them like new

The very plants that give life to those around them

Insect and other harvest alike

Protect them, remember them, and keep them with you

No matter where you are in this wide world

May there be a flower to remind you

That you are cared for and cherished

May the sun and moon be proof of those you cannot see

They, too, can sense you and a smile on your face is what they seek

Happiest of days to the flowers in every garden, near and far

That your beauty inwardly be in morning glory and evening star