It's summer, you're back home and have nothing to do with your life. What better way to entertain yourself than with love! (because nothing bad ever comes from that, right?) So, just like a typical Disney Channel movie, here are ten steps you should follow to make that special someone be your summer love.

Step 1: Meet the potential summer fling candidate at a party

Though these steps could work in other environments, parties are the perfect scenarios where you can meet people that get along with your friends and family. After all, it might just be the start of something new.

Step 2: Exchange details

Let's be real, no one falls in love in one day, so having a way to communicate after the party, that being text or snapchat, will help you get to know the other person better.

Step 3: Discretely, find a way to bump into them again

A party is a great way to meet them, but it's necessary to see them in a different environment in order to properly interact with them.

Step 4: Find something you both love and make it "your thing"

What better way to create a spark than by doing something you both love? (Examples: running, climbing, star-gazing, basketball)

Step 5: Get them something that reminds them of you

Smalls gifts or tokens of appreciation are always a good idea and it's a good way to show your affection. But don't go overboard; it could scare them away.

Step 6: Summer activities are crucial

Summer jobs, for example, are great to do together, because you can see each other more during the week and make some money in the process.

Step 7: Make someone else get feelings for you to make your significant other jealous

No explanation needed.

Step 8: Not intentionally lose them and fight for them to come back into your life.


Step 9: Make out during a firework display

This will solidify the romance!

Step 10: Good luck

This is actually the plot of High School Musical 1 & 2. I actually know nothing of love and I am the least qualified person to be giving tips for it.