Flipping The Switch

I've always been a person to see the cup as half-empty. I've found that in life, more often than not, I approach situations with the mindset that things aren't going to go well. I look at a challenge or an opportunity and think, there is no way that this is going to workout.

But, recently I've come to realize that I have no need to live life this way. Yes, things may not always go as I planned, but why should I expect it? Why do I constantly approach a situation already defeated? The truth is, I am not perfect. None of us are perfect. Which means that temptation and destructive thoughts occupy my mind. They creep in without any warning. But, there is hope.

You see, there is an opportunity for me to flip the switch. I can live life like the glass is half-full. When I turn my attention away from the fact that things may never go right, and instead focus on the fact that I serve a God who is constantly waiting with arms wide-open; with joy in His word and comfort in the fact that I am His child. I can live life with intention and optimism because I serve a Heavenly Father who is for ever constant, who is always present when things don't go the way I planned, and who see's this world in it's truest form. He scrubs away all the destruction, the chaos and disappointment, and in it's place is a glass of water; full of possibilities and beauty.

So, why do I stare aimlessly at a glass that is only half full when I have the precious gift of a cup overflowing?! Because, I am flawed. But, I should not let this temptation haunt me. But rather, I must turn to the one who so graciously presents me with a cup that over flows with beauty, possibilities and endless love. I turn to my Heavenly Father who doesn't have to, but DESIRES to open my eyes to the glass in front of me. Who fills it with endless blessings that satisfy my thirst forever more.

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