1. Charlie the Unicorn episodes 1, 2 and 3.

Those annoying unicorns never seemed to get old back in the day. Even now sometimes I will find myself scrolling through youtube and it will pop up. I still get a laugh or two out of it. The jokes can be for some a little inappropriate but it will forever remain a classic.

2. Old Greg

Now this one was apparently big at my bestfriends high school, personally I never heard about it until she showed it to me. It’s all about this guy named Old Greg repeating his name over and over again and the other guy getting really creeped out and annoyed. Supposedly it's supposed to be funny, in my opinion not so much, but you let me know.

3. The Duck Song

“Got any grapes, bum, bum, buh buh” The song is fun and catchy and if you don’t know what song this is you should waddle away. Haha. funny. Get it?

4. Shoes

Shoes. A youtube song that involved some guy purchasing and having fits over way too many shoes. At first the song and video is really entertaining and funny but at one point it's gets rather disturbing and at that point I usually turn it off. Nevertheless the song is still known by many and is still worth the watch.

5. Nyan Cat

This song goes on literally forever… no i mean FOREVER. They have a 24 hour video just of the cat doing the same thing the whole time. It is a pop tart cat with a rainbow meowing for 24 hours wow. Now i've never watched that version, but the short version is a super upbeat and will make you want to get up off your feet.