There's nothing worse than missing out with friends because the funds are a little low. If you're looking to make extra money, without sacrificing too much time, one of these methods will surely help you out. Here are five temporary solutions to your financial struggles, or ways you can put extra cash in your wallet!

1. Sell your clothes

This solution is a win-win situation because you're earning extra money while cleaning out your closet. It can be hard to let go of hardly worn or old clothing, but it's pretty great when you have a little extra spending money! I recommend selling on platforms such as Facebook, eBay, Curtsy, and Poshmark. All of these websites will help you to earn a reasonable amount of money for your used apparel.

2. Donate plasma

Not only are you helping those in need, but you're also putting cash in your wallet. Similar to donating blood, it is a quick procedure that simply involves a puncture in your arm and will be finished in under an hour. Donating plasma can earn you anywhere from $20-$50. This along with another method will provide supplemental cash to say yes to Wine-O at Centrale.

3. Become a tutor

Whether it be students in high school, middle school, or college- someone is always in need of a tutor. Ask around your neighborhood or apply to work with a university in order to make extra money and brush up on your academic skills. Freelance tutors have the opportunity to earn up to $20 an hour, depending on the subject and difficulty you are tutoring. If you find yourself helping friends in a particular field, take advantage of these skills and use them to make a little extra money!

4. Try out freelance photography

If you have a camera of sufficient quality, consider becoming a freelance photographer. Whether it be your friends and family or people in your area, someone is always in need of graduation photos, engagement photos, or photos of their pet. Offering quality photography at a low price will bring much needed funds to your bank account.

5. Consider becoming a nanny or babysitting

Babysitting is one method that will provide large amounts of cash, fast. If you have experience caring for children and consider yourself to be responsible, you will likely succeed in this field. I recommend signing up for and asking around your neighborhood/Facebook friends. Many babysitting jobs are found through word-of-mouth, so I definitely recommend taking advantage of your resources and talk to those around you!

When your wallet's looking a little dry and you need extra money fast, try these five solutions. You'll attain the funds you need to afford those trendy shoes or a night out with friends.