5 Things From Childhood That I Want Back
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5 Things From Childhood That I Want Back

What would you bring back from childhood if you could?

5 Things From Childhood That I Want Back
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Sometimes I look at my children and I am insanely jealous of their carefree youth. My six year old twins laugh and play all day while I bring them meals, comb their hair, pick up their messes, and generally don't get to be a kid. My sixteen year old hops in cars with her friends and is off to thrift stores, painting at friends houses, hammocking in the woods and just hanging out. Watching them enjoy the gift of youth made me think about some things I would like back from that time in my life.

1. Energy

Both of my six year old twins learned to ride bikes without training wheels this week. I took them to the rail trail to ride today and we rode a long way. They complained about being tired and they had to go to the bathroom so we headed back to the car. We had parked by a baseball field with bathrooms. As my daughter was going, my son asked me if he could run the bases. I said sure and he ran three times around. I just sat there thinking...where did he get that burst of energy? After that bike ride? Then I remembered that kids have boundless energy and often do things just for the sake of moving their bodies. I don't know about you but I seem to get less sleep, have less energy, and don't ever just feel like running the bases. So I want it back. The energy of a child who is well cared for, has had a good nights sleep, and isn't depleted by responsibilities and stress.

2. Easy Friendships

As children friendships seemed so easy. Hey you are standing next to me, we should run off and go swing on the playground and be friends. Hey you have a football, I like footballs, we should play football and be good friends. I don't know about you but I rarely look at another woman in Target, see that she too has clearance items in her cart and exchange phone numbers for a play date. But why not? What happened that we aren't open to new friendships as we age? I have old friends and I have new friends but none of it is easy. Life gets complicated and busy and seeing friends can be a challenge. Wouldn't it be great if we could have back that openness and freedom of seeing a person and deciding right then and there to go play and be friends? I'll take that back again.

3. Writing On Backs

Do you remember sitting in school and the teacher having you be with a partner and write words or letters on their back? Random positive touch. It was amazing. The person being written on was supposed to guess what letter or word you drew on their back but rarely did because they zoned out because it puts you into a trance. It goes along with hair brushing and having make up applied gently to your face. These were all part of growing up for me learning to do hair and make up and practicing on others and being practiced on. It was awesome. The other day my child read me a bedtime story and rubbed my back like I do for him at night. It was amazing and I've decided it is time to bring that part of childhood into adulthood. I say we each pick a partner at work and play the guess what I'm writing on your back game instead of sending another email.

4. Clothes That Look Adorable On Me

I'm so serious about this one. There is not a single thing that my children have in their closets that isn't just adorable on them. I can't think of a single thing in my closet that I feel adorable in. I have clothes and they are okay but certainly not adorable. I think that I just need a tu tu skirt or a pair of cat legging or a shirt that says "I'm here game over" to match my mood some days. How is it that they have found a way to make elastic waist jean shorts for little girls adorable and for adults not even close? How is it that a size six fits most six year olds but I can't find two pair of jeans the same size from two different designers that fit the size they say I am? When did it get so confusing and not adorable? Ladies and gentlemen, if you know of a place that sells adorable clothing for adults that are real sizes, please hook a girl up.

5. Naps

They are such a good idea! Why, oh why did we do away with them? Today I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. My sixteen year old was watching television with the younger kids and I just crashed out. It was wonderful. I had worked in the morning, gave both my younger kids haircuts when I got home and was about to get the kids lunch. When I asked them what they wanted, they all gave me a groan because I was interrupting the television. So I laid my head down on the couch and woke up a while later to my sixteen year old fixing lunch for the twins. I had felt depleted before the nap but woke up with a new energy. I ran a bunch of errands and took the kids for a long bike ride. Naps are good for us! We should rest when we are tired. Let's all make a pact to bring back the nap!

Turning forty recently has made me realize that I'm not as young as I used to be. I can't pass for a teenager anymore and I certainly don't feel like a teen in my forty year old body. But I think there are some things from childhood that could be brought back from time to time to remind us to run for no reason, be open to friendships, enjoy healthy safe touch, find clothes that make us feel good, and rest when we are tired. I think that it would make us happier and remind us that life can be simple and carefree and full of connection if we are open to it. Bring back the nap!!

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