5 Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now
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5 Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now

Snuggle up and watch the best TV Netflix and Hulu has to offer.

5 Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now
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As the cold seeps in and darkness descends on us at the ungodly hour of 5 p.m., the only thing I feel like doing is watching TV. I've compiled a short list of TV shows you should watch as you lament the fact that winter is coming and there's nothing we can do about it. Grab some snacks and a warm drink, it's time to get comfortable and watch five of the best shows streaming right now.

"Black Mirror" - Netflix

If you’ve ever watched "The Twilight Zone" (also on Netflix) and loved the eerie, otherworldly but seemingly plausible story lines, this show will feel like home to you. It’s like the modernized version of the mystery dimensions of dystopian weirdness popularized in "The Twilight Zone." It toys with the effects of technology on the human race and the fact that our not so distant future will be dominated by computer programs, robotics, and endless hours scrolling through our phones to find out every piece of information about people. Definitely a must-watch show if you like to be rattled and disturbed.

"Drunk History" - Hulu

For a history nerd like myself, this show is both educational and hilarious. Basically, each episode features a theme, many are cities like New York, Chicago, or Detroit, and assorted storytellers get very drunk and tell historical stories to the director, who is also getting drunk. I like the stories because they are the things we are never taught in school, i.e. what women and people of color were up to in a variety of eras. It’s also extremely funny because the drunk storytellers are ridiculously inebriated so they say and do crazy things. Imagine telling any story, let alone a historical story when you’re four whiskeys deep… hilarity ensues.

"Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life" - Netflix

We’ve waited so long for this! Finally an end to the beloved seven season strong series that most of us adore and vicariously live through. This is the perfect feel-good dramedy to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa to watch. Will we find out which dude Rory ends up with? Do we finally get to see Lorelai and Luke happy? What about the endless drama with Lorelai’s mother, Emily? I for one missed the dialogue and pop culture references, which will surely be even more interesting with a modern spin. Rory is now a college graduate floating in the adult world when school ends, with no roots or real direction… sound familiar? When I need some comfort and reassurance, I will definitely tune into "Gilmore Girls."

"The Get Down" - Netflix

If you haven’t watched this yet, I don’t know what you’re doing. This show is so incredibly well written with interesting characters who are so young and talented. It features my favorite place, New York, in the late 70s when disco reigned but the show tracks the emergence of hip hop and hip hop culture. It shows young people growing up amidst the 70s turbulent socio-economic-political environment that popular media usually romanticizes the shit out of. The character Shaolin Fantastic, a graffiti artist and DJ, has to be the most excitingly entertaining character on TV right now. He’s mysterious and enigmatic, but also a jack of all trades artist who strives to cultivate and perfect his talents. Definitely a must watch if you love music, culture, and art.

"Chance" - Hulu

I gave this show a chance because I missed Hugh Laurie's wit and wisdom as Dr. House, and sure enough, he plays a doctor in this show too. Dr. Eldon Chance is a neuropsychologist, which apparently means he sees patients, analyzes their symptoms, and refers them to specialists. Seems...weird, so I'm interested to see where the story goes. This show involves serious mental health issues, murder mysteries, and a totally different Dr. Hugh Laurie than we are used to. Dr. Chance has a heart and he’s timid and seemingly weaker than our favorite grumpy Dr. House. If you're a fan of dramatic doctor shows, this is the one for you.

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