Five Semesters of College Completed, Three More Semesters to Go
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Student Life

Five Semesters of College Completed, Three More Semesters to Go

Always a roadrunner

Five Semesters of College Completed, Three More Semesters to Go
Emma Thor

As 2017 approaches I will be entering my sixth semester of college.

Time has flown by fast. Seems only yesterday I entered the Ramapo Archway as a first year, nervous for what lied ahead. This college would be my home for the next four years.

Before the semester started, I was accepted into a program called Leaders in Service run by the Civic Community Engagement Center. Leaders in Service consists of a small group of 32 first year students that participate in leadership workshops and service projects. Without Leaders in Service, I would not be so involved on campus.

When the programs ends, we help out our classmates move in and then participate in an arching ceremony. First Year students walk from the Bradley center auditorium, past the admissions office, up the hill to the arch. As students are walking up the hill parents, and returning students cheer on the first year students. This ceremony symbolizes the beginning of our journey to Ramapo College. On the day we graduate, graduates walk down through the arch, which symbolizes our time after we leave college. Professors and parents cheer on the graduating students as we go out in the real world.

Being in these organizations, I was able to gain friendships and leadership positions. Besides the organizations, there were mentors that encouraged me to pursue my career. My mentors would talk about their experiences in the journalism field, and guide me through the internship process.

Three years later, now I have different emotions. Before the semester started I was apart of the Leadership Institute and I got to witness the arching ceremony from the sidelines. I was cheering the freshman on, welcoming them to Ramapo. Interesting to get a different perspective from a returning student to first year student.

From three years at Ramapo College, I will use the skills and experiences in any potential internship. It’s the time to apply for internships. I have to update my résumé, cover letters and LinkedIn profile. After redoing these, I will wait patiently to hear that one yes. That one yes will guide my career path as a journalist. What motivates me is that my idol, Hoda Kotb, got rejected from 27 news directors, and one news director said yes. That yes guided her career.

To future classes: Cherish the four years because it will go fast. Join organizations that will benefit your life. Challenge yourself to learn new subjects. Find that one professor that can be your mentor.

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