Five Reasons To Love Fall
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Five Reasons To Love Fall

Fall is the perfect time before winter, so you may as well enjoy it.


There are so many reasons to love fall. From the weather and fun activities to just being able to wear a sweatshirt again, this season provides a lot of opportunities. Here are some of my favorite things about fall:

1. Leaves changing color.

The leaves changing color is my favorite aspect of the fall season. Being able to go outside or drive on a road surrounded by trees in the fall time is the best. The variation in the colors of leaves makes everything seem more scenic and special. It is also a good reminder of the beauty of nature. For me, all of the different hues of green, yellow, red and brown remind me to look up more and really appreciate my surroundings.

2. Sweaters and sweatshirts.

I love my fall wardrobe. Being able to wear jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts and boots is another one of my favorite parts about fall. If you like fashion and clothes then you understand what I'm saying. Being able to layer pieces can make your outfit look more put together even if you didn't put that much thought or effort into it. During the spring and summer, this isn't really an option. You wear more minimal clothes because it's warmer and I think this limits how well your outfits can look. Being able to layer clothing or just add a jacket to an outfit can really transform a look, that's why I always look forward to fall. I can finally wear my sweaters, vests, boots, jeans and even a scarf and still not be hot. The wide range of outfit options during the fall is definitely my second favorite part of the season.

3. It's not completely freezing yet.

Fall is the perfect sweet spot between the weather being not too hot and not too cold. If you have a job in which in you're outdoors a lot, I would think this would be nice. I know from walking outside from class to class, it's nice being able to walk while feeling not too cold but also not sweating either. Fall weather is just all around perfect if you ask me. Also, you should try to enjoy it because, unfortunately, it can be short lived before the freezing, cold weather of winter comes.

4. Fun fall themed activities. 

The fall season also brings ample fun activities. From going to a pumpkin patch with family or friends, visiting an apple orchard, carving pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween, to even decorating your house for the season, the possibilities are endless. With the perfect weather and the scenic beauty of nature, it makes going outdoors for fun activities that much more enjoyable. Fall is a great time to go outside and enjoy doing things with friends and family.

5. A time for reflection.

With all of the fun activities, great weather and the beautiful colors of the leaves, it is also a reminder that the year is ending. Once fall arrives you know that just leaves winter then Christmas then you're celebrating New Years, it all seems to go by so fast. Fall always reminds me of this, that somehow another year has flew by and is quickly coming to an end. This isn't a bad thing by any means but it is still surprising to me. Time will just pass you by unless you take a step back to realize how much time has really passed, like almost an entire year. This is why I think fall is a good time to reflect. It serves as a reminder that the year is ending and might prompt you to think about everything you have done within that year. I like to think about any accomplishments I've made, compare myself from the beginning of the year to now and so on. If you want a more in depth analysis of reflection during the fall, I recommend reading "What It Means To Embrace Fall". I wrote it about a year ago and it provides more of a metaphorical meaning of fall.

I hope you agree with my reasons for enjoying fall-time. With the seasons changing, it always provides a sense of a fresh start or the want to try new things. There is so much beauty in nature it can almost feel inspiring, you just have to be willing to look up.

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