In preparation for "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection" film coming up in May, I started binge-watching "Code Geass" seasons 1 and 2 with my sisters. And I have to say, watching the show for a second time was a whole lot better than I had remembered. The drama and suspense along with the mecha fighting were just so thrilling to watch, making me root for the main character, Lelouch Lamperouge, for the all entire time despite how diabolical his actions are. But the show couldn't have been more satisfying if it weren't for Lelouch's pizza-loving accomplice, C.C. Pretty much she was the whole reason why I was watching "Code Geass" and out of all female anime characters I had ever seen, C.C. was literally the best anime female character in my opinion.

What makes C.C. the best female character? Here are five reasons why.

1. She doesn't let a man boss her around

Even though she is told by Lelouch to stay in the room so no one sees her, C.C. doesn't stay put. Despite Lelouch's frustration with her, she still comes out and wanders around his school, taking in the sights. C.C. also takes Lelouch's bed, telling him that men sleep on the floor. C.C. also takes things her own way, especially when she goes off to kill one of her obsessive lovers, Mao, to keep Lelouch safe from harm.

2. She is an immortal

No matter how many times she gets fatally shot, being burned at stake, and even being crushed by water pressure, she still lives and is able to heal from anything. Thanks to this immortality, she becomes Lelouch's shield and has saved Lelouch numerous times from being shot throughout the series (consider Lelouch to be lucky!).

3. She is capable of taking care of herself

One thing people should know is not to underestimate C.C. She is able to pilot any Knightmare on her own, despite co-piloting with Lelouch on another Knightmare called Gawain. She even is capable of leading the Black Knights on her own in the first episode of season 2 when retrieving Lelouch and giving him back his memories. She is also proficient in firearms as well.

4. She understands a woman's heart

Although she has been called a witch, C.C. is not as heartless one may think. When Lelouch, as Zero, tries to force Chinese Empress Tianzi to marry one of his Black Knight members for political intentions, C.C., however, protests against this and agrees marriage is a personal matter of love rather than a political one, while being backed up by other women who disagree with this action. To Lelouch's surprise, he listens to C.C. and does not proceed with it.

5. She is the perfect love interest for the main character

I cannot stress enough how C.C. and Lelouch are a perfect match for each other! For Lelouch, leading a double life as a leader of a terrorist group and a high school student is not as easy as it looks. He hinders himself from being his own true and authentic self. With C.C. as his accomplice, he is able to express himself even more, thereby bringing the best out of Lelouch. Not to mention, C.C. is the only girl who knows the true Lelouch, who is doing everything he can to make a better world for his blind little sister, even if it makes him a criminal. She sees him for who he is, unlike other female characters such as Shirley Fenette, who only sees him as the boy every female student pine for and Kallen Stadfeld, who only looks up to him as Zero. Even at times when Lelouch is vulnerable, C.C. is the one who comforts him and gets him back on his feet.

Do these reasons make you love C.C. more?