As an incoming freshman, I approached this whole college thing as an obstacle I was going to conquer with ferocity and ease. I assumed, as I'm sure we all did, that I'd be required to have my shit together by October. As a barrage of North Face backpacks enveloped me, I saw only composed and pensive faces. Serious intellects bound and were determined to change the world. However, by junior year, I realized none of us have a damn clue what we're doing -- we all slip on our thick facades, walking to class with the strong resolve of someone trying fruitlessly to keep tears at bay, while typing chipper Facebook statuses that poorly reflect the actual turmoil that is our winter semester. The truth is, college is hard, and in one way or another, we're all drowning in seas of self-doubt, indecision, and throbbing, unrelenting panic. However, if you're lucky, you'll find someone to slip on your life-jacket, or in the very least drown beside you, hands interlocked.

I was fortunate enough to enter college with that person, therefore making my college experience significantly less dreadful than it could have been. I still find myself drowning every now and then, but when that occurs, he brings me back to shore through his understanding of my struggle. From late nights spent writing briefs, to memorizing statutes, he understands what I am going through. He's been there himself, so he knows all the reassuring phrases and the methodology of trudging forward.

College is a whole lot easier when you're not alone. Here are five perks of having the same major as your significant other.

1. Endless possibility for conversation.

Sharing college majors means sharing passions and interests, as well as an endless access to mutually shared knowledge. This allows for an endless stream of conversation that is both enlightening in nature, and exhilarating for both parties. Conversation will rarely grow dull because you and your significant other will likely have a lot to say about your major -- whether it be in relation to modern events, culture, or the shared struggle you both face. They will also probably be the only ones you can have hour-long discussions about bimolecular structure with without the fear of boring your conversational partner to death.

2. Your own personal study buddy/tutor.

Inevitably, one of you will grasp a concept better than the other, and that's OK, because you have each other to study complicated lessons and concepts with. You can prepare for upcoming exams together, by sharing reviews and chapter synopses. Having each other helps to alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding exams, and will facilitate better chances of success. Plus, you can avoid racking up costly tutoring charges because your significant other is somewhat obligated to lend a helping hand.

3. You can warn each other about bad professors.

Depending on the size of your school, the likelihood of students with the same major having the same professors is reasonably high. Therefore you can warn each other about the bad professors and promote the ones you like. Or at the very least, you will have someone who will understand all your late-night rants and breakdowns.

4. Enjoying similar interests or hobbies.

Sharing a hobby is key component to a successful and fulfilling relationship, and for couples with the same major, this can mean a whole multitude of things. For my boyfriend and I, this means lounging on the couch watching true crime dramas. For English majors, this may mean discussing literature over bottles of wine. And for theatre majors, this may mean attending plays and musicals together as a couple. Couples that have fun together, stay together -- a mantra you and your significant other can attest to.

5. Having an incredible support system.

Dating someone with the same major as you means always having a solid support system. Your friends and family will all listen to you passionately discuss your major, they'll nod their heads and attempt to seem interested, but they'll just never understand it. However, your significant other will be the one who will listen, who will understand. Everyone will bombard you with advice, but only they can offer the type of advice and support you truly need. And that's because they crave that same support. They know which phrases of support to string together, because they're the phrases they need to hear as well. By enduring the same struggles, you guys can propel each other forward onto that ceremonial graduation stage.

College is hard, but having that one person beside you who understands exactly what you're going through makes things significantly easier. Plus, the post-breakdown cuddles are an added benefit.