There's one common thread that will link all of these songs together this time around, and that's groove. All of these should give you the itch to move your body. Now, was that my intention for this week – of course not, but I'm glad it's worked out this way. After all, I love getting out on the dance floor.

Snakehips – "Days With You"

After attending Mamby Music Festival this past weekend (four out of five years held in Chicago), I realized what a schmuck I was for never listening to these two British greats sooner. This song is a very smooth, medium-tempo feel with a woman's voice who is very reminiscent of Lily Allen.

However, it's undoubtedly not Lily Allen. Her name is Sinead Harnett. As I already had a couple of Coronas in me by the Snakehips started their set mid-day, this song stuck with me immediately. It's one with such beautiful song vocals, a head-bobbing beat, and certainly, one to mysteriously DJ at a party and see the heads turn.

Justice – "D.A.N.C.E. x Fire x Safe and Sound"

Here's a big shocker for those of you who know me…Justice's newest single off of their upcoming studio, live show remaster, Woman World Wide. De Rosnay and Augé have been ending their shows with this tune, as I was fortunate enough to catch it on the live stream at the AccorHotels in Paris, France.

In such fashion, I've listened to a few groups who know how to reinvent their original tracks and blend them seamlessly: Daft Punk, Nero, and Justice. In fact, I've heard "D.A.N.C.E." remastered three times across three different tours. If you're looking to blast one with the windows down during a drive, this is your "ticket to ride."

Friendly Fires – "Love Like Waves"

After seven years since their last release, Pala, Friendly Fires are back in the spotlight with this groovy single. Edward McFarlane's voice is of an acquired taste.

My take on it is either you enjoy him vocally, or you cannot stand him. The lyrics are catchy, which speak of a relationship or love shared amongst two people, where "it's getting real, leaving others far behind." The bass in this song is your staple constant throughout, with beautiful pianos and synths. Justice brought us our driving tune, and Friendly Fires gives us our boat banger – without having to "search far and wide."

Roosevelt – "Under the Sun"

I don't have many missed concert regrets in my life, but Roosevelt is undoubtedly one of them. His self-titled freshman album was an absolute smash. Once again, this is an individual with such a unique voice. Marius Lauber (Roosevelt) was able to complete his upcoming sophomore album, Young Romance, within six months.

Does this scare me? Absolutely. It sounds like a rushed timeline – but, after almost two years since his first full-release, he may have had a lot of other material already built. This song emits the same feel of synth-pop and gives the sense of a more mature producer and individual, a newer variation on his sound. This album will undoubtedly call for a tour, and that will be a show I will not pass up.

Breakbot – "Another You"

Another fellow Ed Banger Record Label brother to Justice, Breakbot, released this new single Friday, June 28th. If three elements are always prominent in a Breakbot song they are piano, funky bass, and smooth vocals – by smooth, we mean reminiscent of the 70's.

He's found a way to take his inspirations growing up and put a modern taste on them, while still emitting that feel from when and where they came from. He may be the very best at doing such. The song purely emits "feel good" across its entirety, there isn't anything about it that wouldn't make you frown. Hearing the featured Ruckazoid is also a treat in itself. Could this be a sign of a new album for the modern day disco-king, I sure hope so!