Just a few weeks ago, my dad retired from 36 years at his job. During his retirement ceremony, I saw people speak about him and make jokes about his work that I never would have guessed he had done. My dad is already one of my top role models in life, but his retirement made me really think about what he taught me.

1. You Can Achieve A Lot If You Put The Work In

If I wanted to be better at soccer, my Dad would tell me to go outside and practice more. If I wanted to be a faster runner, he would tell me to run more. If I wanted to achieve something or accomplish a pretty big task, he tells (present tense) me that I can do it as long as I put the energy in. I feel like, in today's world, a lot of us sometimes think that things will just be handed to us and we have to wait. My Dad taught me differently.

2. You Can't Say You're Humble

At my Dad's retirement, there were accomplishments I heard about that he had never brought up to me or my family. I knew my Dad accomplished a lot at work, but I never imagined how much he didn't brag about. I don't think a person can say they're humble; you can only demonstrate it. And that's what my Dad does.

3. You CAN Be A Good Boss

There's a stereotype in movies that a boss is one of three traits: Annoying, lazy, or mean. My Dad was a boss to a group of people, and all of those people were crying when he was leaving the office. So many people talked about how my Dad not only helped them in the workplace but also with their home lives as well. That's a solid boss.

4. You're Best Friends Can Remain Your Best Friends, Even With Distance

My Dad's childhood best friend who now lives in Virginia showed up to my Dad's retirement and his retirement party. If that isn't best friend goals, I don't know what is.

5. He STILL Puts Family First

Everyone looks up to my Dad at his work, but it never consumed him from not spending time with me or my mom. It seems like a tough job to balance, but he does it well. He would be there to pick me up from practice, he would make all of my cross countries meets (except for one, the only time I won the race, never forget), and he would always be home for dinner.

My Dad is a top-notch boss and a great Dad. I'm so glad to call him a role model!!