Do you remember how excited you were to get a dog? The excitement was very real. The worst part was coming up with a name. It took my family and I with what seemed like forever to come up with a name for our two dogs. We all had our inputs and we all judged each other because we wanted our own to be picked. I won the name battle when it came to our first dog. I lost the second battle though. I bet if you have a pet, you know how hard this process is. Here is a list of names my friends and I thought would be fun, creative and not your typical dog name.

1. Lucky

Who wouldn't want their dog to have all the luck?

2. Fluffy

Fluffy is a typical name but still fun. It's not very creative but sometimes the simplest names are the best. This name would go best with a fluffy dog.

3. Vanilla wafer

This name is completely random, but who doesn't love vanilla wafers?

4. Peanut

We are continuing the food trend. Growing up, I knew a dog named Peanut and that was the best dog ever.

5. Spiderman

Who wouldn't want to name their dog after a superhero? Plus Tom Holland is The. Best.

I hope this list helped come up with fun, creative names for your next pet.