The holidays are many peoples favorite time of the year. This could be for many different reasons, whether it be finals have just ended for college students, families are able to reconnect, and generally it means NO WORK! WOO...

We spend weeks, no, months, preparing for the holidays, and all of a sudden they have passed us by... as excited as we were for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, as soon as January 2nd hits, its back to the real world again. Here are five emotions that we often express once the holidays are over.

Denial that all of your favorite holidays have now passed.

Angry that you have to go back to work.

Stress when you finally get all of your shit together and are back in the full swing of school and work.

Miserable knowing that there is nothing good to look forward anymore.

Anxious for the next holiday to come up as soon as possible!