10 things I learned growing up with My Dad being a Fishing Guide
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10 things I learned growing up with My Dad being a Fishing Guide

I love you Dad.

10 things I learned growing up with My Dad being a Fishing Guide

1.Growing up all of the guys will try to be your best friend so they can go fishing for free

I'm sorry but money does not grow on trees and this never happened, it would humor him, but he didn't give away free trips unless it was for a special fundraiser.

2. You always knew where the fish were because Dad would tell you

People would constantly ask you to tell them where the fish were, but you know that is a rule, never tell where the fish are at. No matter what!

3. He is always on the phone talking about fishing.

No matter what time of day, he is on the phone talking about where he found fish that day, how the trip went or even booking a trip six months in advance. Days fill up quick and most days are booked at the beginning of the year for as far out as August.

4. Everyone in a fifty mile radius knows your dad.

I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but everywhere you go someone will recognize you as the fishing guides Daughter..

5. He loves to show you pictures of his cooler

After a long trip he will be so excited to show off pictures of the cooler and all of the fish he caught. The biggest one will always be at the top. But hey, go big or go home. Am I right?

6. You constantly got yelled at growing up for playing in the bait tank

Which is a huge NO NO. It messes up the bait and of course messes up the fishing. All in all just never put your hands into the bait tank. Dont even really look at them, because that's grounds for getting yelled at.

7. When you see his friends in public the first thing they ask, "is he still catching fish"

The answer is always " of course he is, he always does." I might be a little biased but he's the best on the lake.

8. He works from sun up to mid day in the cold and heat.

It really doesn't matter how cold or hot it is, if he has a trip he will be on the water. DEDICATION.

9. He has one of the hardest jobs you could ever imagine.

It's not rainbows and sunflowers, it isn't the best job in the world because he fishes everyday. He works his butt off and you know this because of how tired he is when he comes in at twelve o'clock and he's covered in heron scales. He heads off and takes a nap and is ready to do it all over again.

10. He is the hardest worker you've ever met, and he does it all for his family.

He works harder than anyone you know. He is dedicated to his job like no other. He loves to play around and have a good time, but when the fish are biting, get serious because it's business time. This is how we, his family, eat. It isn't a game and the fish have to be found. He will do whatever it takes for his family.

Dad, I love you more than you'll ever know and I'm so thankful for all you do for me. You are the best!

XOXO, Bug.

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