11 Things I Learned from the First Week of College


The lines for food are INSANE! Doesn’t matter if you get there on the early side or the late side; you’ll still be waiting for wayyy too long.


Same goes for the bookstore. Drop your backpack and soccer kick it through the line because you’ll be there for a while. Maybe bring a snack.


The classes, professors, and friends are awesome! Mostly!


The days last years. And it’s only the first week.


You seriously won’t be able to remember anyone’s name. And you’ll probably feel badly about it. But there’s how many kids: 7000? 15000? 1000000?


You’ll sign up for upwards of 10 clubs and then realize that you’re probably not into many of them. Maybe you don’t even remember what some of them are. You might’ve just been in a daze from…


All the candy that’s been offered. Every club table has had candy at it, there’s events where you can mingle and have candy, and parents have bought packages sending candy to their kids’ dorms. Holy Red #40.


The struggle to keep up with your fave TV shows will be all too real. With so many classes and activities and parties, "Bachelor in Paradise" has had to take a backseat.


Thursday is the new Friday. ‘Nuff said.


Either you’re the lucky duck who gets to sleep in ‘till 1:00pm or you’re the one who has to get up at 6:30 for that 8:00 class while your roommate snoozes away.


This is just the beginning. Buckle up for the ride.

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