First Time Aquarium Visit Represented By 'New Girl'

Last Saturday I went to the aquarium for the first time in my life, and let's just say the kid in myself came out that day. Going around with my friends laughing and being in awe at all the animals (sharks, hippos, sting rays. Oh My!) made it such a spectacular day.

Then I thought the day would be better if it was represented by my favorite show, New Girl. Here's my first experience at the aquarium represented with New Girl gifs.

1. Looking at the map and seeing there are so many animals to go through in only 2 hours. Challenge accepted.

2. Staring longingly at every animal (knowing that falling in love with these animals isn't a very smart idea) ((but I did it anyway, especially when looking and being able to touch the stingrays)).

3. Looking at the penguins and seeing how they are relationship goals, snuggling up to each other and shaking their tail feathers. I even fell in love with these couples; I will always be rooting for them.

4. Looking at the turtles and how they were trying to crawl out of the glass was the most heartbreaking moment ever.

5. When my friends told me it was time to go back to the bus and I wasn't ready to break away and leave at all.

6. The day was an amazing adventure where my mind was blown at every corner and I definitely needed some time to process the day.

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