The nerves, the excitement, the emotions…it can only mean one thing: back to school time! For the first time in my life, going back to school isn't a sad occasion. Life at college is just different than anywhere else, which makes returning to campus so much more exciting. However, just one year ago things were very different. Here are 11 ways the first month of college changes from freshman year to sophomore year.

1. Clothing

Freshman Year: New clothes have been bought and outfits laid out in preparation.

Sophomore Year: Sure maybe there's a cute first day of school outfit you have in mind, but after that, it's a t-shirt and shorts to the dining hall and class every day.

2. Dorm Life

Freshman Year: Every single door is wide open waiting for someone to come in and say "Hello."

Sophomore Year: I don't know anyone on my floor, except my roommates.

3. RAs

Freshman Year: They know everyone's names a couple of weeks in, they host getting to know you events weekly, and they're always around the floor if you need them. (Shout out to my amazing RAs last year!)

Sophomore Year: When you walk down the hall to the bathroom and the room with the loudest music and people is the RA's room.

4. Making Friends

Freshman Year: Everyone is scared and lost and just wants to find a group.

Sophomore Year: I already know who I like and who I don't.

5. Night Life

Freshman Year: LARGE clumps of students drunkenly walking around trying to find somewhere to party. (Please stop shouting in the streets, says the girl with a bedroom window on the busiest street in Syracuse.)

Sophomore Year: There's a plan, you know when to arrive and you know who you're going with; much more fun.

6. Sporting Events

Freshman Year: Arrive early for the first game of the season to get good seats.

Sophomore Year: Show up late since you know your football team isn't that great, and it's most likely going to be a huge blowout. Let's face it you're mainly there for pictures and hanging out with your friends.

7. Classes

Freshman Year: Schedule is a mess, taking a lot of credits and don't know where anything is located. Trying to impress the professor by raising your hand a lot. Just don't be the kid reminding them about the homework.

Sophomore Year: Classes don't start until the afternoon and you have a friend in almost every class. Only talk in the classes where you have to.

8. Activities Fair

Freshman Year: Sign up for everything.

Sophomore Year: Still trying to get off the email lists for things you signed up for at last year's activities fair.

9. Homework

Freshman Year: Still trying to decipher the syllabus while reading the entirety of every textbook you bought.

Sophomore Year: Know where and when to study and which books you actually need to read and which ones you just need to find the answers in for the online assignment.

10. Alone Time

Freshman Year: Trying to make friends, you don't even notice that you and your roommate live together, eat together, go to class together, etc.

Sophomore Year: Look at your friend's schedules to know when you can peacefully nap or watch Netflix with no one bothering you.

11. Showering

Freshman Year: Awkwardly carries anything and everything you might need, while you speed walk hoping no one sees you.

Sophomore Year: Casually grabs a shower caddy and walks down the hall in a towel cause who cares at this point.