Things That You Think When You Take Your First Exam

I had my first major college exam this week, and it actually turned out okay. The exam itself wasn't as terrible as the continuous anxiety that I felt for the week leading up to it. This exam was extremely important as it equals 25% of my grade. I spent more time studying than I ever have before, but still felt like I had no idea what I was doing. Any first year college student who wants to do well in school can relate to the fear of the first exam.

1. I didn't study enough


Even if you make a 30 page study guide, you still don't feel prepared.

2. I'm going to fail


Even though I did study, I still feel like i'm going to do poorly.

3. College is 10,000x harder than high school

This one is true for anyone who didn't really have to study in high school.

4. I have no idea how my professor will grade this


Even if I think I did well, I still might fail if she thinks my work isn't adequate.

5. Why are my hands shaking?


Is it hot in here? This never happened in high school.

6. If I fail, does that mean I can't get an 'A' for the year?


Well, yes. 25% of your grade is a pretty significant number.

7. I forgot how to spell my name


And how to write, think, or breathe.

8. Oh god, it's starting. I think I'm going to pass out.


Okay, question 1 isn't so bad.

9. This is difficult but not impossible 


Maybe my studying did pay off?

10. It's finally over!

Time to nap.

Good luck to everyone taking their first round of college exams, and happy studying.

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