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Fine Brothers Entertainment

Some of the best videos on the internet

Fine Brothers Entertainment

Fine Brothers Entertainment, also known as FBE, is a company founded by Benny and Rafi Fine. Per their website, "Fine Brothers Entertainment is an award winning global media brand. A new kind of hybrid media company, network, and entertainment studio, we are hyper focused on creating innovative programming for millennial and digital native audiences in web, TV, and film."

Fine Brothers is known for their different videos that include people of all ages, whom you grow to recognize and love after seeing them in so many videos, reacting, guessing songs, and doing challenges. Below are some of the video categories and if you like what you see, you can subscribe to their Youtube channel, FBE.

1. Kids React

You never know what will come out of the kids mouths.

2. Teens React

Their reactions are relatable on basically every video

3. Elders React

Probably their funniest react videos

4. Guess That Song Challenge

These are my personal favorite videos. You have to guess the song and artists with just one second at a time. They do different categories of these including different music decades and Disney music. Unfortunately, these videos have made me realize I know nothing.

5. Challenges

I like to pretend that I'm participating in these challenges...I usually lose.

6. Youtubers React

These are always some of their funniest videos

7. Celebs react

Sometimes these videos include celebs reacting to the kids, teens, elders reacting to them and many other challenges.

8. Cats React

Let's be honest, these are the most important type of reaction videos.

Overall, FBE is workplace goals and I hope they continue to make videos for years to come.

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