I wrote this poem about a year ago when I was struggling in high school and it was extremely cathartic for me to get out how I was feeling and what exactly I was feeling at that time in that moment.


Seven letters, life-encompassing meaning.

What is your purpose?

Do you know who you are?

Those questions are intricately tied because I would argue that your purpose in life makes you who you are.

Is there a driving force that is keeping you grounded in life? Is it forcing you to stay focused and to improve whatever it is that you need to improve?

At age eighteen, I feel as though I have not yet found my purpose.

Psychologists believe that people have this greed, this ever-growing sense that we constantly need more and need to achieve more.

I feel that greed, I feel the need to work towards something more.

It is not that I am not satisfied with my life the way that it is, but I just feel as though I have not found my purpose yet.

Going to school, to work, doing homework, watching television, and reading just does not seem to be cutting it anymore. Sometimes I just feel like I am not using my time as productively as I could be. I want to find a higher purpose, something that I feel like will make an impact in the way that I want it to.

What will my purpose be and how can I find it?

It feels like an emptiness in my heart. Right now, I am lost and yearning to find and get more out of my life. It feels like one of my four heart valves is devoid of blood and although it is not life threatening, my system is still trying to pick up the slack and cope with the distress the empty valve is causing.

So let me ask you can, think about it long and hard because I know that I am. Do you know who you are and what your purpose is?