Finding Love Again After Being Cheated On Isn't Easy
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Finding Love Again After Being Cheated On Isn't Easy

Learning to give someone and trust someone with your heart again takes patience and time

Finding Love Again After Being Cheated On Isn't Easy

I don't want to say my ex-boyfriend destroyed me, because I don't want him to ever have again power over me like that. I got cheated on by someone I had considered my best friend and whom I felt beyond lucky to be with for over a year. Every best moment of high school was with him. But, within a manner of moments as I broke down crying after he admitted to sleeping with my friend, everyone of those moments turned into the worse.

I remember after then intense crying and screaming to him over the phone, I kept asking myself will I ever find someone worthy to love? How will I be able to love someone again after literally feeling my best friend tear my heart out and massacre it right in front of my eyes. I stayed with him, for all the wrong reasons. And just kept thinking to myself that I could never find love again.

Ladies and Gents. there is love after heart break. And let me tell you, the real thing, when you find the real love of your life that absolutely deserves you, well it is like nothing you ever thought existed before. You've seen those romance movies, you have watching how Jennifer Lopez always finds this incredible romance and just think, "Damn, wouldn't be nice to have that". Well listen up, because you have yourself a version of a significant other out there. Its not going to be easy learning to trust someone again, so give it time. Its worth every moment.

You will need to learn again. Like tying in your shoes. You need to go through all the steps your mama once taught you about loving someone. So first, you need to learn to love yourself. This is crucial. You need to forgive yourself and love yourself. I want to clarify the forgiveness portion for a second. You have nothing to be ashamed of for being the victim of a cheater. However, it is easy to hold a lot of guilt and resentment towards yourself. You need to forgive yourself and let yourself know you are not the one who is to be blamed. It is important to love yourself. To really look in the mirror and take a moment to reflect on the real beauty and master piece you are. You need to hold your heart close to your chest and love your self for a little bit. Take care of yourself first, before going off in the world to care for someone else.

And when you have done all that. When the bruises on your heart have started to fade away, step out brave in the world and see what love has to offer you. Know you next love isn't going to rush and be banging on your doorstep, it will probably take some time.

When you meet that next special someone, be open and communicate with them. Be honest about your pass and how this is your first relationship after being cheated on. You are going to have to learn what trust is all over again. And they are going to have to understand that your relationship is going to have to take time. There are going to be bumps on the way and you are going to need to re-learn certain things again. Find someone who is patient and understanding and willing to hold your hand and walk into the dark bright light with you.

Finding love after heartbreak is terrifying. You second guess yourself and them so often. And its all about learning. Learning to trust and let someone hold your heart again. But if you are able to do that, I promise you will find someone worth holding your heart and being part of your life again.

I found my partner-in-crime, in life, my best friend and soul mate after being cheated on. He came from the same back ground of getting cheated on. And through the process of us falling in love, I watched both of us learn to trust again. And even after the "I love you" were said. I still watched both of us struggling and questioning if one of us could be cheating. But it was never that we didn't have trust in the each other. We didn't have trust in love. We were scared to fully give into the idea of true love. But when we did, when we finally threw out the nightmare of cheating, we were welcomed into the full world of bliss.

He is my best friend. And I can't wait to marry and spend the rest of my life beside him. I never thought to myself, that the man who walked into my life after heart break would be the same man to someday get on his knees and ask me to stand beside him for the rest of his life. There is love after heart break. And it hurts getting to. You need to learn to love and trust, not just someone else but yourself again. But when you do, its the absolute most beautiful feeling out there. And you too can find someone that makes Home Depot shopping trips, the most romantic date out there. Because everyone moment with them tops the last.

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