It's the movie a generation has been waiting for: the sequel to "Finding Nemo." When I was younger, I was first scared of "Finding Nemo," due to Bruce and the other two sharks. As I go older, I got over my fear of sharks once I realized movies like "Jaws" weren't real, and I got to enjoy the movie. I went to see "Finding Dory" with one of my best friends from college, and for a second time with my mom. There were more adults than kids in the audience during both screenings which I kind of figured was going to happen. Now the main question someone might ask before seeing this movie is: Was it worth it the 13-year wait?


It was pretty clear that love was put into this movie, and not just by Ellen. The entire cast and behind-the-scenes crew made this movie a great family event. I was surprised how many of the little small animation things were added that couldn't be done years ago. Looking closely at both Marlin and Nemo, you can see scales on them that weren't previously applied to them. Same for Hank the septopus (he's missing a tentacle otherwise he would be an octopus).

While it isn't the greatest Pixar film (for me that honor would be a three-way tie between "Up," "The Incredibles," and "Monsters Inc."), it is one of the best Pixar films. The story may be predictable, but it doesn't make it any less enjoyable. I know that this has been said probably a thousand times by now but...BABY DORY IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE. I've never wanted to give a character a hug more than Baby Dory. The next two characters that steal the most scenes would have to be Hank and Bailey. Both actors seemed to be having fun with their parts and got some of the biggest laughs from the audience. The jokes were hilarious, especially the adult ones, and I swear that there wasn't a dry eye in the house during two major scenes.

I must give a warning, though: there is a scene where a character suffers a panic attack. The message of "Finding Dory" is it's OK to have a disability. The message hit close to home but I loved the way they didn't treat it as anyone's fault. They showed the anger that comes with having a disability and the support from family and friends. Finally I would like to mention:

Stay for the ending credits scene!

It will be worth it, trust me. In short, "Finding Dory" is worthy of being called a great Pixar movie and is everything a sequel should be.