Finding The Bright Side
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Finding The Bright Side

Everyone is living a life as vivid and complex as ours, with their own joys and worries.

Finding The Bright Side
Gaby Zammuto

I have learned the importance of looking for the bright side because frankly, I do not see much use in doing anything else.

Honestly, as pathetic as it sounds, I thought this was going to be the worst summer for numerous reasons, but boy, was I wrong. All the nights and memories I had already managed to somehow pre-plan flew right out the door before summer even began – funny how that happens. I learned pretty quickly that some people are meant to come into your life, but they are not meant to stay forever. You learn to be willing to let go of the people who are not willing to hold onto you – the people who are not willing to make the same sacrifices that we would so willingly make for them. And that's fine.

As I say about a billion times per shift at the ice cream parlor I work at, "It's fine. I'm fine." This phrase is typically followed by various instances, like when a lady tries 17 flavors of ice cream and gets vanilla. Vanilla. Or when someone orders 20 – yes, 20 – waffle cones and tips you a dime.

I am a believer that things do not happen to you – they happen for you. They happen in order to make you see yourself in a different light. Yes, that light is not always the light we want to see ourselves in. We don't always look out best in this light. Our eyes may look a little puffy, and we may not smile or laugh quite the same. However, it is through that light that we see what we're made of. That same light puts into focus some people who we would not have seen otherwise. That light shows us that the second we think everything is over and can't keep going on, it is at that moment that we find the beginning of everything.

I realized that we easily lose ourselves in the things and the people we love. That may be the most beautiful but heartbreaking thing. I have come to realize that if you ever lose someone for having too much depth, too much soul, for loving too hard or too often, please hear me; this loss is not yours.

I have not found much use in trying to think I know things. Like, I thought I knew how to drive well, which is proven wrong daily or how to make smoothies at Smoothie King and most recently, how to scoop ice cream at Brusters.

All I know is that we must give time, time. However, good or bad a situation is, it will change. All that matters, in the end, is that you loved because that's what we were made for.

So, my tip to whomever this may concern, if you are missing someone right now who either does not miss you too, is no good for you or is unattainable, then I urge you to take all that love you have and spread it to your family, your friends, that old lady sitting by herself at the diner and everyone else. Put your genuine love into people who are worthwhile and reciprocate that love. Enrich your own life, and enrich the lives of others with your love.

Oh, and look for the bright side because I assure you, there is always one.

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