My sister and I are four years apart. Growing up, I took on the the role as an older sibling to guide and assist her, however, it never got to the point where she was my best friend who I turned to about my life or advice.

That all changed this summer.

Going away to college changed something in our dynamic. Instead of seeing each other daily, I only got to see her over breaks. This made me realize how much of a difference her presence has in my life. I missed having someone to bicker with, to complain about house rules with, or to talk about the crazy or boring things that happen during the day. I realized those small moments meant more to me than I originally thought.

When you have a younger sibling who is four years younger than you, it is harder to bond with them and find a common ground that both individuals can relate to. When I reached a certain point in my life with new experiences and views on the world, my sister could listen, but not relate to what I was going through. When my sister told me about her life, I did not want to relate because I was already past those experiences.

Now, my sister and I are at a place where we can connect with most of the topics. We can gossip and elaborate on our lives and have a blast. She will always be my personal photographer and I will always be her personal chauffeur. We have the best ice cream dates, and road trips are never boring with her. The list goes on and on, and with that, it becomes clear now that my sister and I have become best friends. I couldn't be happier.

Brothers or sisters share a deeper connection to you than most people. They can be a pest and ruin your mood. They can steal your clothes and cause a huge fight. In the end, however, they will be there for you no matter what. With everything bad, there is something that is equally good. Your siblings can be the worst sometimes, but in the end they will always have your back. That is something so special that you should take a moment to be thankful for. If you have a brother or sister, you will always have a best friend to turn to.