Honestly, finals week in general is always:

But hopefully some of these GIFs will lighten your mood

1. The moment when you realize finals week is fast approaching

Finals week is Tammy and we're all Leslie. She comes out of nowhere and scares us all.

2. Studying and realizing that you know nothing

Or at least that's what it feels like when you're looking at the page and your mind goes blank.

3. When your professors tell you what's going to be on your final

This is a look that I've probably had too many times to count.

4. Mumbling comments when your professor tells you how the final is going to be

It's probably really long and really hard material you barely discussed.

5. That feeling when all you want is to just go home

None of us really want to take all of these final exams anyway.

6. Being in really deep denial that finals are even a thing

Because honesty, we just wish they wouldn't happen

7. Begging anyone or anything that you don't have to take these finals

8. That feeling for basically the entirety of finals week

Sounds about right...

9. When you really just want to be done studying

There's a reason DYING is in the word studying...

10. Realizing how much information you have to know and how many finals you actually have to take

It should say it all above... It's a NIGHTMARE.

11. Psyching yourself out before a test

12. The amount of sleep you get during finals week: not much.

13. Giving up and saying goodbye to the grades you once had

14. Pretending to actually be ready for the finals you're about to take

15. Attempting to pretend that the stress hasn't crippled you (yet)

16. Studying for hours on end, only to realize that you still have more studying to do

17. Having the test in front of you and still wishing you didn't have to take the final

18. Looking at the final and realizing that you know nothing

19. That feeling when you have to pee during a finalThe worst is when you're not even half-way done

20. Or, getting distracted while taking the final because you're so bored

21. Seeing a question on the test and having no clue how to answer it

The worst case scenario is when the question is some sort of fill-in-the-blank or short answer type question.

22. Saying goodbye to your professors

23. Being able to leave campus (finally)

Campus is great, but it's honestly such a great feeling to know that you won't have to be back for a few months.

24. That one professor with the giant curve

Because let's face it: no matter how much we study it seems like failure (I mean failure as in not doing that well, not completely failing) is somewhat inevitable.

25. Recuperating after finals week

It takes a week to recover from a week. They don't call it dead week for nothin'.

26. Seeing your grades and being okay

After all, "C's get degrees!"