While you should be studying for finals, instead you are reading my article. Let this be a foreshadowing of how the outcome of your finals will turn out.

You didn't study all semester and now you have to somehow cram 15 weeks into one night.

When you finally open your computer and look at all the notes you should have taken this semester.

You realize you should ask your friends to go with you to the library because if you stay home and study ... well, you know you will just watch Netflix.

After being at the library for five hours, you start to go insane and do everything but study.

You probably need some sort of caffeine or something to get you to stay awake ... or alive.

You end up eating only junk food because you have no time to make food or get food. You also don't want to lose your spot on the quiet floor, because it is too loud downstairs.

When you go to your final exam in the morning, you realize you have been awake for an endless amount of hours and didn't learn one thing.

But after you hand in your final, you realize whatever the grade is, you really don't care.

Then your mom calls you and asks how you think you did.