Finals Week As Told By Community

Finals just in general: Emotions are just all over the place with students staying up late and not getting enough sleep to students stressing over back to back exams in the same day.

Realizing how much procrastination you have done the entire semester: It happens to the best of us, and it's time to realize that you left those 5 online quizzes to be due at the last possible second.

Drinking coffee with extra expresso the night before your early morning exam-

-But getting that 10 page paper done: I had to get extra expresso in my coffee to keep me awake until 5 AM to read a book and write a ten page paper that I procrastinated on in order to turn it in on time.

Opening your books for the first time this semester: Although I have never done it, I saw a guy sitting in the Johnson Center opening the plastic wrap of one of his books the Sunday before finals week. Good luck to him.

Trying to study last minute: It is always good to cover the basics.

Taking a study break: I know I need these, especially to throwbacks.

Walking into your exam like: After a good few nights of studying, there's that confident feeling -

-But then seeing the first question: I know I cannot be the only one who has looked at the first question and said to myself, "God help me."

When the person next to you flips to the next page and you're still on question three: It gives you that anxiety that you're behind and need to stop spending so much time on reading the options for question three.

And then your professor gives you that five minute mark: I hate and love being reminded of how much time I have left. Hate it because I know I'm slow at taking tests, but love it because I know I need to finish, and fast.

Seeing a question word for word on the exam from the study guide: Such a reassuring feeling to see familiar territory.

Misreading the date of the exam: I've only done this once, and let me tell you, it is not fun. Be prepared to drop everything and pay attention to that subject for a while.

Stepping out of the room after you finish your exam: After all that studying, you are finally free and it is time to just let it all out.

Knowing you and your friend passed the exam: Knowing you passed is always a great feeling but being able to celebrate with your friend is even better.

When all you want to do is think of the Holidays: My parents are sending me picture of the house being decorated and the tree with lights, and I just have to sit in my room and study.

But most impertinent one of all, getting through finals and the semester with your friends

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