This might be a litte dramatic, I don't know.

1. All That Matters

All That Matters is that I make it through this with a heartbeat... we'll see.

2. Bad Day

More like Bad Day x 5.

3. Be Alright

I'm pretty sure that anyone that tells me I'll Be Alright hasn't ever experienced what finals week does to ones life.

4. Hold Tight

I'm trying Justin, I'm trying.

5. Life is Worth Living

Replaying this one during finals week.

6. Never Say Never

I am NEVER coming to class again.

I will NEVER pass this final.

I am dropping out and NEVER coming back.

I will NEVER put myself through this again.

7. No Sense

Yeah, you're telling me.

8. Overboard

This one speaks for itself I think.

9. Pray

Praying is the only thing getting me through this week, thanks for the reminder Justin.

10. Recovery

Trying to imagine myself this time next week, recovering from the brain damage that took place during finals.

11. Roller Coaster

Finals week is absolutely a roller coaster, but not the fun kind,

12. Stuck In The Moment

I actually feel like this week is standing still, like it is actually never going to end. I will be Stuck In This Moment forever.

13. That Should Be Me

All of my friends who didn't go to college, for the first time ever I am looking at you and saying That Should Be Me.

To my fellow finals takers, we can do this, I think. Keep pushing, it'll be over before we know it!