You feel like the world may or may not be collapsing around you and the only thing you know is that you’re tired. SO. EFFING. TIRED. You’re friends question whether or not you actually exist because you stopped posting on social media and the only thing on your snapchat story is the same spot in the library that you were camped out in 3 days ago. End of semester parties? Nope. Secret Santa? When exactly do they expect you to buy presents?? 24 hours is not long enough to study every page of your textbooks, go to review sessions, eat, sleep, (jk what is sleep lmk) and talk to your parents just enough so they know you’re alive. The only people who might understand the emotions you’re feelings are our friends in apt. 4D

1. Your day started in the library and it'll end there, too

2. Your thoughts are so weird when you're not studying, that your friends start to wonder what you're on (caffeine. so. much. caffeine.)

3. Going to review sessions like

4. Your attention span gets shorter and shorter as time passes

5. You don't know how, but you've wasted an hour looking at memes on Twitter

6. You don't understand people that aren't stressed tf out

7. And you hate when those people are happy around you (literally bye)

8. Seeing freshmen going out makes you wish you could be so carefree again

9. You've been surviving on snack foods and coffee and telling yourself it's fine

10. Did I mention coffee?

11. You miss sleep so much.

12. And you miss going out just as much. You literally worry that your friends forgot you exist

13. Emotion regulation isn't a thing anymore

14. Except for that feeling when you know NONE of the answers

15. Basically your entire life gets put on hold so you can pass

16. When someone mentions adulting

17. But once finals are over you know you and your friends will de-stress the college way

Thank you for understanding us, New Girl.