Finals week brings out a whirlwind of emotions that college students didn't even know they had. The mood of the week is first determined by your test schedule. Even if you get lucky with one or two tests, your professors realize they don't have enough grades in, and assign paper after presentation after group project. Finals week is just as stressful as you've seen in the movies.You'll be thrown curveballs you never expected. Here are the faces you'll inevitably make during finals week, as shown by the many colorful faces of the Donald himself.

1. The Friday of the last week of classes.

2. Sunday night before finals week.

3. Checking your exam schedule and realizing three of them start at 8 am.

4. Hearing "you have a 10 page paper due on the day of the final".

5. When you can't find a seat in the library.

6. Pulling your first all-nighter of the week.

7. Realizing you're just opening a $300 textbook for the first time.

8. Wondering if your study guide was even written in english.

9. Using 5 packs of flash cards.

10. And not retaining any information.

11. When you've skipped more classes than you've gone to, so you have no idea who is in your class to ask for help.

12. When you think you slayed an exam.

13. And then you get your grade a few hours later.

14. Realizing you're probably screwed no matter what you do.

15. Walking out of your last final and into summer.