Finals Week Described By Gilmore Girls

The weeks leading up to finals week and finals week itself is rather daunting. College students become lifeless beings deprived of sleep and pumping with caffeine. The sole thing pushing you through those weeks is the idea of freedom, summer break.

1. When you are writing an essay and you have no idea what you are talking about...

2. The ever growing list of exams, papers, and projects left to do in a two-week time span begin to haunt you.

3. The lack of sleep begins to kick in...

4. The feeling when you get home from studying at the library all day with your books.

4. Any exam, class, or event that occurs in the morning

5. When you are a full-time student and still have to work countless jobs to feed oneself and pay for tuition.

6. When you are reviewing in class and you hear someone talk who hasn't been to a single class all semester.

7. When the sleep deprivation finally hits you...

8. Friday night rolls around and you actually have a free moment and someone asks you to go out.

9. Dressing oneself became a challenge in the morning, because, well you don't sleep much.

10. When you go to your professor's office hours.

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