Finals week is always the most stressful week of the semester. You have exams in almost every class, ten page papers due, and presentations that have to be perfect. You're studying every opportunity you get, you're up at odd hours of the night, and your eating schedule is completely off. Finals week tends to make people a little bit crazy and let's be honest, Kitty Forman has always had a little crazy side to her, so no one quite understands the stress of finals week like her.

1. When you're trying to study, but the people next to you won't stop talking about their weekend.

2. When you've been studying for hours on end, and you realized you haven't eaten.

At this point, it's three in the morning and you could eat just about anything, including a fruitcake.

3. When you get back from your three back-to-back exams and your roommate tries to talk to you.

4. When you're walking through campus to go to the library and you see a puppy.

The therapy dogs are ALWAYS on campus during finals week and they're about the only thing that can relieve your stress.

5. When you're taking an exam that you studied weeks for and you blank during the test.

6. When your friends ask you how your hardest exam went.

This could either be a good laugh and they did extremely well or its an uncertainty laugh and they want you to retract your question.

7. When you're studying with a group of people and one person keeps saying all the wrong answers.

8. When all your finals are over and all you have scheduled is sleep.

Good luck to everyone who's going through finals week!