Finals are quickly approaching for most schools and the thought crowds you mind with meaningless worries. Although finals can be a make it or break it for some people, there really isn't any need to worry. Many students over exaggerate how bad finals actually are when they really vary from student to student. Some students can have six cumulative finals and be completely calm while another could have only two and be losing their minds. There are a few things though you should keep in mind while studying.

Comfort is a major key when studying. No one wants to sit at a desk uncomfortable for hours at a time. When you study for your finals try finding a nice quiet area, and even snuggle up to a blanket if you wish. Being a more relaxed state with calm your nerves. Also, it's not a bad idea to wear comfy clothing to your final. Your goal is to get in, take the test, and get out. If you wish to dress nicely then go for it!

Getting the right amount of sleep during college at all is hard enough, but finals season is a different story. Sleeping can get hard from day to day studying especially when you need to cram (which hopefully you don't have to), but getting eight hours of sleep will do wonders on your memory and help you retain more information. Napping is important as well. If you are not getting your regular amount of sleep don't be scared to lay down for an hour and take a nap. You're putting your body through a lot of stress and it probably needs it. You can't just live off of coffee.

Another way to lighten up on yourself is to take small breaks. Your mind can only study one hour at a time otherwise you wont retain the information as well. Taking a shower gives you time to yourself and allows you to breath. It relaxes your muscles and opens up your air ways. If that doesn't help then take a moment to gather yourself by organizing your notes. This is nothing to stress over, and it lets you know where you're at in the scheme of things.

A vital part of studying includes taking care of your hydration and hunger. Many times during my finals I would flat out forget to eat or drink anything leaving me exhausted and a little light headed. The last thing you need during finals weeks is some kind of sickness. Don't be afraid to go off the grid and eat something junky. Believe me, you've earned it.

For reassurance during these dark days reaching out to fellow classmates can save your life. The people in your class may have the same questions as you, or even understand something you may not. It's always a good idea to have at least two numbers or emails from classmates. They come in handy when the professor isn't available. If the professor is available, talk to them. They want students to come to them about questions or concerns about the class and the final. No one will know better than them.

Final's don't have to be the worst week of your life, and I promise you, you'll get through them.