So it's time for finals week. This week is the most stressful week of the entire year. This week is a roller coaster ride of emotions; full of ups, downs and lots of yelling and tears. It is that dreadful time of the year when college students turn to living off of caffeine and take-out. Students begin pulling all-nighters and recycling their clothes by wearing the same t-shirt and sweatpants every day. Here are 18 thoughts everyone has during finals week told by the fabulous Kardashian sisters.

1. I can't believe it's already finals week...

2. Why did I skip so many lectures?

3. I need to start studying pronto! I'm literally going to fail and NEVER get to graduate...

4. Meanwhile when you get back to your apartment..."Well maybe I can watch just one episode of Friends on Netflix.."

5. Two seasons later, you realize you still haven't cracked open any books and still don't know anything. #literallydying

6. Hmmm... I wonder if the girl whose notes I always copy has a study guide for this final or a magical answer key...

7. I need coffee. Coffee will help me study.

8. *Checks snapchat* "Oh, okay cool. Of course everyone and their mother is going out tonight. My life sucks."

9. I'm so done with this. I will just become a professional Chipotle taste-tester.

10. No, no, no. I can do this. I just need to focus and study.

11. I mean, I got through the first four chapters - and the first chapters are always the most important chapters, right?

12. This is soon hard. I can't do this anymore.

13. I'm SO tired. maybe I can just take a 20-minute nap...

14. So if my test is at nine, I’ll sleep on my book and then just wake up at six and then finish studying. I'm sure it'll all workout.

(Alarm #1, hits snooze. Alarm #2, hits snooze. Alarm #3, hits snooze.)

15. Wait... What time is it? 8:30?!

16. OMG! How did I hit snooze three times?

17. Well, I guess here goes nothing. It's final time...

18. I’m sure I’ll be fine... I mean, C's get degrees right?

19. I'M DONE!

So here's to finals week! May the odds be ever in your favor... Just breathe and it will soon be over.