It has been a good semester so far, i do my work and study hard for my exams. I am doing fine in my classes but i want to do better and get better grades. If i want to achieve my goal by the end the semester, i have to work harder to get the grades that i want. My friend does not like when i say that i am doing fine in a class and my grade is a 90, she thinks that i should not be taking things for granted but i know that i can do better. I always tell her that i have goals and the grades that i have right now are not included in my goal.

As i am working hard to reach my goal, i realized that spring break is coming up which means i will have a week to rest and study for my exams and do homework. I am planning on spending my time with my family and friends because i have not seen them since i left for school. I am planning on resting because i pulled a muscle while working out for my track try out; but i am slowly recovering and my leg is getting better. Hopefully, i can get back to my activities once i come back or even before that. I am looking forward to spring break because i really need it