Man, that feels really good to say. I'm finally over the heartbreak I felt and the foolish hope that friendship was still an option that I needed for closure. I don't need anything more from you or the situation, and I'm free of sadness about anything that happened. Would I still be friends? I guess, but I'm not pining for it like I used to be. I don't need for you to accept me anymore because I accept myself better without the past hanging onto my coattails. I am as happy with myself as I was when we were together, and that's because for the most part, I do like myself. There's always room to grow, certainly, but personality-wise, and with past accomplishments in tow, I'm happy with who I am. And I don't need you to make me feel better about myself.

This isn't an 'f you' article, though, honestly. This is simply a message saying I'm no longer thinking negatively about the situation and I know it couldn't have ever really worked between us. I don't wish ill upon you or yours, and I am finally feeling happy, and can look back on moments fondly rather than with a, "Oh I miss him so much blah blah blah." I think the reason I was stuck for so long was because I didn't really accept it as something that wasn't meant to go further than a lesson learned-perhaps for both of us-that you should find who really fits you rather than just someone who you like and likes you back. Those things are obviously so important, but there's more than just the surface, and you knew that before I did, of course, but I've learned them by now and I'm actually kinda glad you didn't bury how you felt because it would have turned into so much worse. We'd have had way more resentment for each other, and knowing your stories about how you were when you were truly angry, and my own experiences about my could have gotten ugly, with insults flying and cutting each other like knives. I thank you for holding your tongue because I wouldn't have wanted to say awful things back to you. I think you might not have wanted to say awful things to me either. You chose a final goodbye instead, and while I didn't understand for the longest time, I do now.

I accept my own responsibility for whatever I did do wrong with us, and I hope you're doing well, genuinely. I hope your writing is what you want it to be, and that your job doesn't still stress you out. I hope you find the one who likes everything you do, and understands you better than I did, and not because you feel like you need her, but because you just want someone that can be a companion to what is already good in your life. I hope your friends always stick by your side, because I know they mean a lot to you. I hope your relationships with your parents stay good or grow to be better in one case. I hope you get to go all the places you dream of going. I hope you have enough time to do all you want to do.

You were, at the time, what I thought I needed. I loved you. You were understanding, or at least appeared to be. You were there for me when I needed you, and I thank you for that. I hope you know that I appreciated the time I got to be with you and understand why it was so short. I wish you the best, and this is my final goodbye.