How Fighting With Your Parents Can Actually Make Your Relationship Stronger

We all do this sometimes. We have a seemingly innocent conversation with our parents and within ten to twenty minutes, it has turned into a brawl and there are people crying. And while I don't like having these, I think they are an important part of building a strong relationship with family members. Especially parents.

Now some arguments aren't going to strengthen relationships, but only knock them down. And sometimes it feels like every conversation, discussion, argument, or whatever you want to call it, is something else that throws a wedge into your relationship with your parents. But I think that having those hard conversations can bring a different perspective to both parties.

You, as their child, are meant to push your parents' boundaries. Just like school is supposed to push your boundaries and challenge you. Why? Because without that challenge, you aren't learning. Whether it be about your parents, your family, yourself, or even math, there is something to be gained.

It's easier to shut people out because we always like to think that we are right and doing everything with the best intentions. But if you don't talk with the other person, you might be doing more harm than good. Just on the simple fact that you are not asking for their perspective or input to shed some light on the situation.

So just like you would tell your best friend like it is, it is important to do the same with your parents. Because you have thoughts and opinions that are different from theirs. And they are absolutely worth sharing.

Challenge yourself, and even your parents, to create open channels of communication. Maybe then you'll see a change in not only the way you present yourself but in them as well.

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