The Two Fighters In Your Corner When The World's Walls Are Closing In

The Two Fighters In Your Corner When The World's Walls Are Closing In

It often feels like we are all alone. But we aren’t. Not even in the slightest.

This is a huge world. Like really big. In this life, we are faced with so many responsibilities and worries and stressors that sometimes it makes it feel like we are too tiny for such a big and messy world. It is scary and it often feels like we are all alone.

But we aren’t. Not even in the slightest.

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There are two important things to remember when life’s walls are closing in:

First, we all have a fearless God whose love for us is abundant.

A love so big that there is nothing He wouldn’t do for us. But many people ask, “if He loves me then why would he want to hurt me?”. A lot of times in our lives, too many for my liking, we go through trials.

Bad grades, heartbreak, sickness, losing a loved one, the list goes on and on. Even in our darkest days, when our hearts are so heavy, and our faith is crumbling, God is at work in us. He puts these trials in our lives to bring us closer to Him. He gives us these obstacles so that we become stronger, braver, smarter, and more faithful. All He wants is for us to lean on Him and rely on Him in our troubles. God wants to be magnified in our problems.

He is a selfish God, but He has every right to be.

He also is trying to work through us. When others see that you are leaning on Him through your troubles and you make it out alive, they are given the faith to do the same.

People need to see God working in us.

There is nothing in this world that God would put you through if He didn’t think you could handle it, especially with Him by your side.

Second, we were never created to live in this world alone.

God created Eve for Adam as a companion, an adventure buddy, and a partner to walk in faith with. God has surrounded you with people who you must lean on when times are getting weary.

I know the feeling first hand when you think you can handle the storms on your own. When you think that no one wants to hear your problems. When you bottle up your troubles inside, just so that you aren’t seen as weak or flawed.

But that is not how were intended to live.

God purposely gave you your friends and loved ones so that you could physically lean on them.

Yes, God’s comfort is real, but when you are in one of those really dark storms, it is nice to have comfort in the form of hugs and shoulders to cry on. Find those around you to lift you up, even when it feels like you are in the depths of Hell. Find the ones who you can rely on to always be there for you. Walk in your faith together, and you both will never fall far.

Stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, death, tears, and scars. They are inescapable.

But neither is the love of God.

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Struck down, but not destroyed.

So remember, you have two fighters in your corner: God and those who He surrounded you with. Use them to be unshakable.

Have faith, find those who you can lean on, and trust that God is working in you and through you day by day.

You are unshakable with Him by your side.

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I Wish GCU Cared About Faith As Much As They Cared About Basketball

Students at GCU come and go and it would be a shame if all they got was the hype of a basketball game instead of the hype of the Trinity.


You see advertisements for them everywhere: Snap Chat, Instagram, posters around campus, billboards even, all telling you to go buy your HAVOCS pass or to make sure you secure your ticket for every single basketball game or for those in the surrounding community to get their season tickets. With countless of t-shirt, GCU swag, Purple Pre-Game Parties, Grand Canyon University spends a lot of time, energy, and money making sure their arena is filled for every single basketball game, but not Chapel.

For a missionary school, GCU lacks in reaching out in ministry to their students. The only time a student hears about Chapel that is not a student leader is the first day of classes and at Chapel itself. For how mundane a basketball game is compared to eternal salvation, GCU is missing what is really important at a Christian University.

Why is there no advertising for Chapel, t-shirts giveaways, or any hype for the event that happens every single Monday? Is not praising the one who delivered us from eternal damnation, who gives us peace in the midst of the chaos, who gives us our identity, who created us, who gives us purpose, not worth the same amount, or even more hype than a basketball season that will always come and go? Is not sharing the good news of the Gospel more important than basketball?

If GCU wants to truly be private, Christian, and affordable, they need to step it up in their spiritual life and give equal attention, if not more, to the amount of attention they give to Basketball. GCU needs to approach Chapel attendance in the same urgency they approach basketball attendance. Make the Instagram stories, make the posters, make the facebook events, make the Snap Chat stories, make more of an effort.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with attending a basketball and there is nothing wrong with GCU creating a strong sports-fan community. There is something wrong when a sporting event is placed on a higher priority than a ministry opportunity to reach out to students who may not know the Gospel.

To be fair, this past semester, GCU has attempted to make Chapel more intriguing by having outstanding speakers come and talk to the students like Jodi and Friends, Scott MacIntyre, and so on. However, these guest speakers included more plugs for their mission organizations rather than plugs for how the miraculous power of Christ helped them in their journeys.

For a time that is supposed to be set aside to biblical teaching, plug-ins for organizations are not appropriate for the Chapel hour. Save it for another time GCU. Getting students in the door and teaching the true gospel message is more important than having extravagant guest speakers who are going to put more emphasis on their organization than sharing the good news of Christ in that allotted time.

Do not get me wrong, the organizations that have been mentioned at Chapel are fabulous organizations, that do wonderful work for the continuation of the kingdom. However, Chapel is for biblical teaching, not what organizations do.

GCU needs to rethink in what areas may be overlooking the One above and focusing more on worldly things. Basketball comes and goes, guest speakers and organizations comes and goes, but more importantly, students at GCU come and go and it would be a shame that all they got was the hype of a basketball game instead of the hype of the Trinity.

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Here's How To Deal With Comparison In College, And Why Your Struggles Are Important

With a little help and guidance from Esther 4:14, frantic phone calls with my mom, and a whole year and a half of college experience.


When I first stepped foot on the University of Georgia's campus, I felt very small. (Ok, at first I was thinking "wow this place is amazing", but I digress). College is a humbling experience. You are thrown into the waves of independence, socializing, and growth all at once. While all these things are exciting, the process of adjusting to college life can be tough.

Of course, there are those that automatically thrive when they get to college. It's like the town instilled some sort of superpower into these people, and everything clicks for them without a hitch. For the rest of us, there are growing pains involved. This usually entails quite a bit of tears, phone calls to mom, and angry rants.

The "growth spurt" of becoming a college kid is tough. And in the midst of adjusting to college, it's easy to look around and compare oneself to those around them. Some people look like they have their lives together: they joined a bunch of clubs and are super involved, or maybe they made a whole new friend group and are posting a million pictures with them.

Nevertheless, comparison runs rampant in the early months of college. It's easy to get caught up in it, and to then believe your self-worth is less than those who are "thriving". It sounds silly, but the trend is a common struggle.

I fell into this comparison trap. I thought that I was falling behind because everyone around me had made so many new friends, were getting involved in lots of clubs, and balancing school on top of everything. I was deceived because after talking to these same people a year later, none of us had it all together.

The truth is that adjustment is not a quick process and that you will get to where you need to be in due time. There is a reason you are standing where you are, it is by no accident that you ended up in the specific place you are in.

Looking back, I see God's hand through it all. In the moments where I dreaded getting out of bed, hated college, and was just so confused as to why I wasn't having a great time, God was simply molding my character. I am protective over the person I am today because it took a lot to get me here. And I wouldn't have traded any of my struggles for a simpler entrance to college life, because I love the person I am today.

The person I am today is much stronger. She's brave, confident, and ambitious. And I am proud of this. I am proud of my growth, and this past season of life has taught me that growth is not easy or glamorous or simple. Growth is complicated and painful.

Hindsight is 20/20, and that is why now, my struggles make sense. At the moment, nothing made sense, but looking back, everything does.

Our life experiences mold us. We are taken through our own individual struggles, and these create the person we need to be to carry out our life's purpose. My struggles are behind my personality, my major choice, my values, and my life.

My favorite bible verse is Esther 4:14, which says, "Perhaps you were born for such a time as this." The verse is from when Esther was chosen by a king to be his bride but was soon faced with the difficulty of standing up to him to save her people. Esther was Jewish and King Xerses I had given the order of the annihilation of the Jews. At this point in time, it took a lot of courage for a girl of Esther's age and background to stand up to a king. But she did and saved her people.

This became my favorite verse in high school, just because I thought it made life make sense. In college, I gained a whole new appreciation for it. Esther 4:14 gave me hope. It told me that I was here for a reason, this season of life had a purpose, and that in due time, my life's purpose would be revealed to me.

It's easy to compare and believe our lives to be worth less than those around us. But it's simply not true. Each of us are here for our special moment, purpose, and calling.

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