5 Fierce Horror Heroines Who Have Truly Earned Their Scream Queen Crowns

The air is crisper, the shelves in the supermarket are pumpkin spice galore and the decor in the store is a dash of black with a hint of orange, which can only mean one thing... Halloween is approaching!

Whether you are the Grinch of Halloween or are currently counting down the days until the spooky holiday arrives, you can't deny that horror movies are pretty awesome. Sure, we are very familiar with horror icons, such as Freddy Krueger from "A Nightmare on Elm Street," Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th," Michael Myers from ''Halloween" and so on.

But what about the fierce women who save the day in horror movies?

Here are five fierce horror heroines you should be praising this Halloween.

1. Morgana Truscott from "Wishmaster 2"

Holly Fields takes on the role of Morgana Truscott in the iconic horror flick "Wishmaster 2." In the film, Morgana accidentally frees an ancient and evil genie, the Djinn, during an attempted robbery. When the police arrive at the scene of the crime, the Djinn takes the form of Nathaniel Demarest. He takes the blame for the robbery and is escorted to prison.

In prison, the Djinn grants prisoners' wishes, but he takes their souls in return. Not knowing that she accidentally freed an evil genie, Morgana begins to hear the Djinn's voice in her head telling her to fulfill the prophecy. The Dijin keeps bothering Morgana in her sleep, giving her continuous nightmares. She does not link the Djinn to the man who randomly took the blame for her crime until she visits the Djinn in prison, where he is still in the form of Nathaniel Demarest.

She takes it upon herself to research Persian mythology and to do anything in her power to take down the Djinn. She performs a number of rituals to purify her soul, since only those with a pure heart can banish the Djinn. The film ends with Morgana tricking the Djinn and imprisoning him in his original fire opal form.

Morgana represents a strong female protagonist who epitomizes resilience. She goes above and beyond to destroy the Djinn and stays true to herself through the entire process of doing so. She is fierce and powerful. We love you, Morgana.

2. Laurie Strode from "Halloween"

Enough about Michael Myers. Why don't we focus on the admirable one here — Laurie Strode!

Jamie Lee Curtis slays the part of Laurie from the Halloween franchise. Laurie gets stalked by an escaped mental patient who killed his own sister (Michael Myers). In the later Halloween films, Laurie becomes a fearless queen and stabs Michael Myers.

She represents a strong female protagonist who isn't afraid of anything or anyone — even someone as psychotic as Michael Myers.

3. Nancy Thompson from "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

If Freddy Kreuger can get an anthem, then why can't the girl who takes him down? Heather Langenkamp plays the ultimate horror heroine, Nancy Thompson, in "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

After Freddy Kreuger — a serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams — kills her best friend and boyfriend, Nancy is determined to take him down. With a lot of determination, Nancy is able to drag Freddy into the real world, set him on fire and ultimately destroy him. Nancy represents a strong female protagonist who stops at nothing to achieve her ends.

4. Alice from "Resident Evil"

Milla Jovovich fiercely plays the role of Alice in the Resident Evil franchise. Alice embodies courage and confidence with every move she makes. She is a killing machine who takes down all of those who are after her. She displays a mix of martial arts, psychic powers and superhuman abilities, showing everyone that she can be a (she)ro.

Erin Hardesty from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Jessica Biel slays as Erin Hardesty in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre." In the film, Erin gets kidnapped by Leatherface, a gruesome murderer who wears a mask made out of human skin. Erin doesn't fear Leatherface, and she even cuts his arm off using a meat cleaver!

In the end, Erin ends up killing him by running him over repeatedly. Erin exemplifies strength and resilience. She has all the power that each and every woman has!

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