Fiction On Odyssey: 'The Wedding Dream'

Can our dreams come true? I once had an amazing dream about my own wedding and since then I have always wondered if I could really have that dream wedding. The dream emphasized my emotions because of the vivid detail it described my makeup and dress in, the gorgeous venue the wedding was set at, and how much support my loved ones were giving me.

All the females in my family helped complete my makeup on that day and my features looked softer than I had ever seen them. My cheeks had that bridal wedding glow that every bride gets naturally on their special day. My lips were fuller, my round nose smaller, and my already large eyes wider. I was a woman in love and my eyes were full of devotion as I thought of my soon to be husband. I looked like a queen with my makeup done up so beautifully and it made me proud to be a bride.

When my makeup was finished, it was finally time to put on my dress that fit me like a glove. It was the most beautiful gown I could ever imagine myself in and I will always remember how it looked. There were no straps on the gown and it had a sweetheart neckline that looked beautiful on my figure. It flowed down in a beautiful ball gown shape and it swished when I walked. The crisp white color was accented by my favorite part of the dress, which was a medium gray ribbon, tied around the waist.

All of those elements created a dress that I would have paid any amount to have. I was in love with the dress and I had never ever been more beautiful than I was in that gown and full-length tulle veil. When I went to look in a mirror, I caught a glimpse of that little girl that so long ago had placed a dress up veil on her head and imagined this day a million times. I smiled in the mirror at the memory but soon had to focus on beginning the ceremony.

I walked to the backyard with the wedding party, to see the wedding spread that we had created. I watched through the screen door as my bridesmaids made their entrances. There was a wedding arch placed in the middle of the backyard, which had ornate white roses sticking out of every part of its boughs. Gardenias decorated the front of the arch and the smell was what really affected me. Those fragrant flowers were sweeter in scent than any perfume I could have put on for my wedding day and at that moment I was glad I had decided not to wear any. This spot and the beautiful decorations that we had added to it, was a perfect fit for the wedding that I had always wanted to have.

As I made my entrance, I looked forward to seeing that everyone I loved most was there and I just remember this feeling that everything was right. The wedding took place at my grandparent's house and I thought for a moment of how much love had been shared in that home. A few chairs were set up so that our closest family members could witness the magical ceremony. When my maid of honor had walked out and took her rightful place next to my wedding arch I finally started walking. I opened the screen door of the home that I had loved more than anything and walked toward the man that I had loved more than anyone my whole life.

I could feel my excitement to be married radiating through me, but I could also feel that for the first time in my life I was not nervous during a major event. I was about to go through one of the most precious moments of my life, but I never saw fear or anxiety in my baby blues, only faith in my choice of husband. Everything was as it was meant to be. Nothing had ever felt more right or perfect than when I walked down that aisle. I walked toward my future, a man in an elegant black suit. He had always been the reason I had a niggling feeling something was still missing, that I still needed more. He had always been what I was always searching for. He was all the words ever written about love formed into a human being created just for me.

When I woke up from that dream, it was with a smile on my face and with love in my heart for a soul mate I had not met. Yet...

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