Fiction On Odyssey: Super Useless - Rising

Fiction On Odyssey: Super Useless - Rising

Everyone loves a good underdog story


We all enjoy a good story about the underdogs, the Davids versus Goliaths. It is a type of tale that teaches the lesson of how anything is possible, despite the adversity one may face. And as much as we love this story, it is always fun to try adding new elements to it.

Super Useless - Rising

The alleyway smelled rancid, littered as it was with rusty metal bars and slimy bits of trash; now his school books were haphazardly strewn among the debris. His backpack leaned limply against the wall, close enough to reach out for. The shadows hung thickly at the alley's end, as a late afternoon settled over the block. The little boy sat hugging his knees, his back pressed firmly to the brick wall. It was a good place to conceal tears.

He could still feel the blunt sting of the bigger boy's punch against his cheek; it hurt too much to try touching it. He allowed himself a watery sniffle, wondering how he'd explain his missing wallet and Captain America lunchbox to his mom.

"Jake?" The voice sounded vaguely familiar.

Jake glanced up to see a lanky boy sporting big round glasses and a gray hoodie over a shirt three sizes too big for him. "What do you want, Will?" he mumbled. Will silently surveyed the scene. It was too dark for Jake to make out what expression might be on the other kid's face.

Wordlessly, Will gathered up the scattered notebooks and dropped them languidly into the backpack. "If you're done being bummed out now…" Will held out the bag.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" snapped Jake. He flashed his meanest glare, wiping away his last few tears with the furious heel of his hand. "Aren't you part of that group of weirdos anyway? Why would I want help from you?"

Will left a ringing silence in the air before he burst into laughter. Jake could only blink in confusion. Who actually is this kid? He'd seen the boy from afar at school, and he was always in a group of trouble-makers, the kind of people the teachers complained about among themselves.

After calming down, Will sighed. "I guess I am a weirdo." He offered the bag again. "But this weirdo might have a way to take down those bullies."

Jake was standing before being aware of it and took the bag to sling over one shoulder. "Oh, really?" He asked warily. "How?"

Will grinned. "Follow me."

"Hey, do you have a phone or anything? I keep forgetting mine at home," Jake said. The city streets had disappeared into winding trails and towering trees. It was very quiet.

"No. My mom thinks those things cause cancer or something. Why?" Will never looked back. He followed some obscure path deep through the woodlands with long, confident strides.

"I needed to know the time, 'cuz of my mom and all. Do you have a watch?"

"No. It's only 4:23, though, unless that's a problem?"

Jake frowned. "I thought you said you didn't have a watch?"

"I don't."

"Who's there?" A petulant voice echoed through the trees, freezing Jake mid-thought. "Say the password or be destroyed!"

"Tim, you're a loser and an idiot," Will called back casually.

"What time is it?" asked the voice. Jake couldn't tell exactly how close or far away this boy 'Tim' might've been. Maybe it's the trees? In one second, it's like he's right next to me, and the next halfway across the forest!

"4:24" answered Will.

A gangly kid stepped clear from behind a tree not five feet from them. That close?! He was shorter than Will, but only just, and wore plain, though dirt-stained, jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. He's got a watch…His sandy-brown hair was little more than a rumpled mess. "That's the Will we know and love!" Tim smiled toothily in greeting, but the grin faded once he noticed Jake. "Who's that?"

Will swung a lazy arm about Jake's shoulder, as confidently as though they'd known each other forever. "This guy may be our ticket to standing up to Al and his gang!"

Jake could have laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. How can I help? Those thugs always wipe me down in seconds, and it's not like I can even fight back. His cheeks burned at the memories.

Tim crossed his arms. "How? Does he even have any—"

"Nope," Will cut off curtly, "but that's why I think he can help. He's gonna turn us losers into a hardcore squad!"

Jake blinked. "Wait, what?"

To Be Continued...

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10 Netflix Recommendations

Here are some things to watch this summer that you may have never considered — in no particular order.


I'm by no means a Netflix expert, but I believe I have some semblance of taste. I often find myself looking for undiscovered gems on Netflix, but they're kind of hard to find for a couple of reasons: 1) People are kinda bad at recommending things. Any list that recommends "Black Mirror" or "Bird Box" as if you've never heard of it before loses all credibility. 2) Movies/shows that are clearly a cut above the other content on Netflix tend to rise to the top of the cultural conversation.

With that said, I will probably put somehting on this list that you feel has broken rule 1. Fine — I get it. I'm not re-recommending the wheel here. Here's a list of ten things I've seen on Netflix before that more people should watch too, in no particular order.

The Netflist

1. "Boyhood" (2014)

This movie took 12 years to make ... that is absolutely astonishing on its own. In my mind this movie lives up to its perfect 100 Metacritic Score. I can't recommend this personal yet epic film enough. Patricia Arquette & Ethan Hawke turn in two of the most grounded parental performances ever captured by cameras. This is potentially a top 10 movie ever made.

2. "Dark" (2017-Present)

Me trying to figure out where the hell Season 2 of this show is going.

If you like gritty-weird-conspiracy-murder shows then is this the show for you. Heads up, however, this show is best consumed in its native tongue, Deutsch. Just read the English subtitles like a sane person, please. Now is the time to catch up on this peach of a show before Season 2 drops at the end of June.

3. "The Spectacular Now" (2013)

This movie has been doing some serious legwork for Shaliene Woodley and Miles Teller in my mind for like the past 3 years. I seriously wish I liked more of their work the way I love "The Spectacular Now." If you haven't guessed by my previous writings, I'm a sap for love stories of all shapes and sizes. This movie is worth a watch for the Kyle Chandler/Brie LArson bit parts alone.

4. "Extras" (2005-2007)

What makes this show special isn't the ludicrous amount of famous people (unfortunately no Ludacris, though) that make cameos as the complete opposite versions of themselves, it is the constant cast. Gervais' comedy is a unique brand that isn't for everyone, but this is great. Give thanks to BBC that this HBO show is on Netflix.

5. "Love, Death & Robots" (2019)

It was *so* hard to choose a GIF for this show because of its nature. Essentially it's an animated anthology series with a wide variety of themes and art styles that is connected by the over-arching theme of losing a left hand -- I mean, technology. P.S. I will be making a ranking of this shows episodes at some point in the future.

6. "The Keepers" (2017)

This is for the True Crime genre fans out there. "The Keepers" also fills the niche of Church-Conspiracy a la "Spotlight", which is a favorite sub-genre of mine. Amazingly told and beautifully filmed, but be warned: this show could leave you a bit disappointed if you needa happy ending.

7. "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" (2008)

This is as tumblr as any article I've ever written has gotten.

Based on the novel with the same name, this indie Rom-Com never quite lives up to its potential, but it's a solid movie with Michael Cera — what more could one need? Oh you definitely needed more, how about a small Andy Samberg cameo? Thought so.

8. "The Innocent Man"  (2018)

Oddly enough, this True Crime Docuseries is based on a nonfiction book written by the incredibly prolific John Grisham. What sets this apart from other pulp in the genre are the chilling reenactments — some of the best I've ever seen. We're talking "The Jinx" level detail.

9. "All the President's Men" (1976)

How important I imagine I look when I write about Super Smash Bros.

Honestly it's ridiculous to have this classic, that is almost universally renowned as a masterpiece, appearing on this list. My reasoning is that there is a new generation of people on Netflix that I fear not only haven't seen it, but will never have any interest in this movie (or other classics, for that matter). This movie is a cultural landmark and as we go through a corrupt administration now, it's nice to see how they dealt with it in the 70s. Psst, journalists are heroes. Tell a friend.

10. "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" (2016)

Me and my girlfriend watched this a few nights ago. At least I think it was a few nights ago, I haven't slept since. Director Andre Øvredal is directing the upcoming "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" so prepare for that by watching some of his earlier work.

Follow Alejandro on Twitter and Instagram @AtSignAlejandro or @WhyNautsComedy for more content.

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