Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 20
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 20

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 20

Ch. 20

Shamara's POV

I was looking in the mirror at the person I was turned into. After Valentine did the ceremony, he took me to a small room next to his and locked me in there until the next morning. He kept me training but never left my side. The only problem was that I had to obey his orders since he was my Alpha.

I sighed and headed to the shower. I was cut up and bruise beyond recognition. I'll heal in a couple of minutes thank goodness.

I stayed underneath the water longer than necessary and enjoyed the only time that I get relaxed. A few minutes later, I got out, wrapped myself with a towel, and went to get dress. I almost ran into Valentine when I opened the door. I walked by him without any care.

"I need you to get ready."

"Ready for what?" I asked without turning around. I grabbed a matching set of underwear and went to pick out some comfy clothes.

"For the battle, you really didn't expect me to leave you here by yourself. Did you? Your pack also needs the support of their Luna." I heard him walk closer. I kept looking for a shirt that didn't reveal much.

"I thought you were smart enough to know that I will not fight for you. I rather die than go against my friends and family."

He wrapped his arms around me. I could tell he wasn't going to let go until he wanted to. He bent down to whisper into my ear.

"Oh, but you will. I will make you watch as I kill your mate. I'll probably keep the others if possible and torture them slowly until they have to be put down from insanity." He laughed. "No! You will not touch them." I growled.

"Now, now. Don't get so angry. We don't want to scar that pretty face before lover boy comes. But back to the point." He let go of me and walked to the door. "You will fight alongside me." He demanded in his Alpha voice. I had to bow to his will. I tried to stop but I fell to one knee and bowed my head. "As you wish, Alpha." He nodded and left.

An hour later…

We were on the outskirts of the meadow and looking for any sign of Matt's group. We still have ten minutes left before the agreed time. We all wore black or some kind of clothes that we could shred. Valentine made me wear a dress. He wanted me to fight in a dress. It was blood red with black rose designs. It was soft and light weight but it was not meant for battle.

I was barefoot since heels were not going to happen. I felt feverish but alert. I felt more than saw that the others were about to come out.

Remember, Shamara. You are mine and you will fight. Or you can count on all your friends dying on this field.

She nodded and waited for Matt.

He came out looking like an avenging angel. He wore shifting clothes as well but it was the sexy kind. Focus Shamara. I said to myself.

Matt looked behind him as more came out. Jace came out after him with Dawn beside him. Nick brought Chloe as well as James. My parent were behind them with Matt's parents. Don came with Kathy and Peter. Salem was last with a group that was leaded by a girl. The rest were blended with the group.

I smiled at the odds. Valentine didn't expect the support Matt gathered up and was trying to not act worried.

I looked back to Matt and saw he was looking at me. I winked and headed forward.

Before I took my second step, Valentine grabbed me but I was prepared and slipped past him to the middle. I felt giddy and a little drunk. It was weird but it could be ignored.

I turned back to Valentine and laughed.

"Shamara, get back here. Now!" Valentine screamed.

"I believe you have no power over me right now. You should be more worried about your survival rate being so low." I looked at the Rogues and spoke.

"As your Luna of the Rogue Pack, I will grand this time to make a decision. You will either be killed or you could surrender now and create another life that don't involve violence and hatred. But love and friends. Choose now or we will settle this."

I saw a handful of people back out and head back to the woods.

"You think you can control me and my pack! You will watch everyone that you love die at my hands. We are still stronger." He pulled out something out of his belt and pointed at me. I was frozen as he pulled the trigger.

I was looking a red spot spread on my chest as I fell. Matt ran to me and took me into his arms.

The fight didn't take long since a lot of his members left. I was trying to help Matt but I kept getting weaker. I was still too human to heal fatal wounds.

I must have blacked out because Matt was gone. Mom came up and tried to slow down the bleeding. "Just hang on, sweetie. Do not fall back asleep. Ok?" I nodded and looked around. Everything was hazy. I concentrated on the fight in front of me. Valentine and Matt was growling at each other.

Matt went on the offensive and was able to get a bite on Valentine's stomach. He pushed Matt off of him and bit into his neck. I forgot about the pain and sat up. "No!" I saw Valentine stiffen and jump on Matt before he got up. Matt was pinned down.

I saw red as Valentine went for the kill. I was pushing Valentine off of Matt before I knew what happened. I was standing over Matt with my white fur blending in with his black. I growled and walked toward the other wolf. His fur was a dull brown with dark eyes that shown his evil soul deep within. We walked in circles as a caution of each other's strength.
He finally lunged at me. I dodged and went for his weakest spot. His neck was exposed as I let go of his neck. Valentine went down and took his last breath.

I was breathing hard as I looked around the field. Matt already shifted back to his human form and slowly walked toward me. He was wounded but it would heal in hours. He bent down to my height. He smiled and gave me a hug. I was too tempted not to lick his face. He laughed and looked around me to see Valentine's body.

"You were great, Shamara. Let's go home." I wagged my tail and started running to my home. I heard Matt howl behind me in victory. Every member joined the chorus as I howled with my new family.

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