Eerie fictional stories

Fiction On Odyssey: You Must See

They tell me I'm a monster for what I did...


We follow Jeremy on this journey of her trying to understand why she ended up where she is and why everyone has turned against her when all she was trying to do was keep her family intact. But Jeremy may have taken things a little too far, will she be able to convince them to see?

You Must See

(An Asylum room. JEREMY is alone.

She is sitting in front of a mirror.)


You are not a monster. You are not crazy. Yes, you may be a bit… a bit different, but you are just like them. Right? Just human? Someone who makes mistakes, not perfect. Isn't that what really makes a human? Their flaws… their fuck ups? If one doesn't make mistakes, then that's not a human being?

So, if that's the case, then why do they treat me like this? So, my mistake is a bit different from theirs and they think its okay to throw me in the looney bin? No, that's not fair. That's not right. I messed up I know, but was it really that serious? I was pushed.

No one ever sees what happens before, they just see the aftermath. They just see you with the knife in your hand… they just see you standing over a body. They didn't see what brought you to that point. I did what I had to do, I did what needed to be done.I did what they wouldn't!

They didn't understand you… they don't understand you. That's why they fear you. She was wrong for him and they all knew it, even he knew it. But he would never have the guts to get rid of her, she was going to ruin him. So yeah, I took matters into my own hands.

Why is that so wrong? What I did was for family, I looked out for MY family! She wasn't mom… she could never replace her and I wasn't going to let her. He was going to let her and I couldn't let that happen. She was poison to my family, she was killing us from the inside out.

We were doing fine before she came into the picture. Why did he to bring her into my family? This is his fault! Not mine! I'm in here because of his stupid mistake! She needed to be gone. I had a mission to accomplish and I did it. They tell me I'm a monster for what I did, I think I'm just someone who doesn't mind doing… what needs to be done.

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Why An Athlete Is Not Defined By Their Level

Pressure can drive athletes crazy.

With tryout season among us, it is so important that this be addressed before the teams for this upcoming year are formed.

So many athletes that tryout, don't make the team they want and either quit to "take a year off" or jump ship to a gym that promises them to place the athlete on a higher level. I know that every athlete wants to be on level 5 team, the division is the most prestigious of all of them, especially because going to worlds is the end game for most athletes.

The problem these days in the cheerleading world is that our athletes are trying to level up at a rate that is just not quite realistic. If an athlete is on a level 1 team, the chances of her being on level 4 next year are slim. It is necessary for athletes to experience each level for at least a year to learn all of the fundamentals of the level and build on them for their foundation as an athlete to be more concrete. This produces the best athlete possible.

A lot of athletes think that all that they need to jump levels is tumbling and that is just not the case. When teams are formed, coaches take a look at many different things, these qualities include but are not limited to: mental toughness, dedication, tumbling, stunting abilities, pace of learning, dance and attitude.

Contrary to popular belief, there are so many factors that go into forming a team. This team not only has to be suitable for individual athletes but putting a team together is like a puzzle and as coaches we have to put a team together that will work well and have all the necessary percentages of skills to be competitive in their division.

We are concerned about building well-rounded athletes, not an athlete that is only capable in one facet of cheerleading. Some athletes are great level-4 tumblers but have level-2 stunt ability and those two will not equal a level 4 athlete until we boost the stunting ability of said athlete.

Putting an athlete on a team to just tumble is doing a disservice to not just the team, but also the athletes themselves. If this athlete joins a level 4 team to just tumble all year, when their tumbling progresses to that of a level 5 athlete, they will still have level 2 stunting skills and won't be put to good use when they are level 5 eligible. A well-rounded athlete is the kind of athlete that wins Worlds.

SEE ALSO: To The Coach That Took My Confidence Away

When athletes take their time and learn their level, they are not just learning completely new skills each year, but building on them. If done correctly, each year an athlete should improve on all points of cheerleading and not just one. The rules in each level lead to progressions for the level that it directly follows, so that athletes can safely learn skills by going up the ladder one step at a time.

What most don't realize is that skipping steps is such an unnecessary practice. If Susie stays on level 2 for an extra year, she is not "learning nothing", she is improving on the skills that she didn't quite execute completely the year before, this will perfect her performance in this level and give a more solid foundation for her to build on when she is on a level 3 team.

Pressure can drive athletes crazy. Parents, your athletes have so many years ahead of them to be on a level 5 team and go to worlds, so pushing for a 10-year-old, that is just not ready, to be on a level 4 team is unreasonable. Let your 10-year-old learn maturity and mental toughness at a level that is more appropriate, when your athlete is pushing herself too hard it takes the fun out of the tryout process and creates unnecessary stress on the athletes.

Lastly, please be sure to support whatever decision your coaches make for your athlete's placement, they know your child and they are not trying to hurt their pride, but build them up so they can accomplish all of their goals as an athlete. Know that the level your kid makes this year doesn't define him or her as an athlete, but helps them grow into the cheerleader they have the ability to become!

Cover Image Credit: National Cheerleaders Association

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