Sylvia Conners stared outside at the desolate land around her. The young woman remembered when everything was lush and green. It had only been a few years ago that flowers had been able to bloom and crops could be grown easily outside, but it felt like that was an eternity ago. When everything had first started to die, everyone was scared and everything dove into chaos. Eventually, people realized that there was nothing they could do for their sick planet and they fell into an acceptance that they would likely live to see the end of life as they know it.

Sylvia turned away from the wasteland and went to tend to her indoor garden. She was extremely careful with what crops she had managed to grow, especially with how expensive it was to get seeds. If these crops failed then she would likely not be able to afford to try again. After a few hours, Sylvia was brushing her hair out of her face and leaving the house to find clean water to use to water her plants as well as to use as drinking water for the day. As she walked, she took in the world around her. Where there used to be grass and plants was now just sand and gravel. There wasn't a spot of blue visible in the sky, it was purely a deep haze. The area was rocky and the land was jagged and uneven as far as she could see around her.

It was a sad sight. Her planet was dying and she could tell that it was on its last leg. She was positive how much time there was left, but it was easy to tell that it wasn't much. She let out a soft sigh and coughed as she got to the closest river to her home. She scooped up the murky water with a bucket and stood back up. Sylvia stared down at the water as she remembered how she used to have a river that flowed through her backyard. How the water used to be so clean and clear... A tear slipped down her cheek as she walked back.

Sylvia closed her door as she stepped into the small house. She coughed violently and set down the bucket before she collapsed in her chair. She felt her brain going fuzzy as her eyes closed. She knew that she had spent way to much time outside. She took a deep breath of the oxygen that was being pumped into her house and the fuzziness slowly went away. As she sat there, the ground started to rumble beneath her and she could almost feel the ground shifting under her feet.

That was when she knew that her world's time was up. After that day, no life would remain on her planet. It was unlikely that after that day her planet would even exist. As Sylvia laid back in her chair she whispered a final goodbye to her planet and let nature take its course.