Fetty Wap Is The Greatest Person On Twitter Right Now And Here's Why

Fetty Wap seems to have been in hiding since his last album release in 2015, but if you are missing the trap king himself have no fear.

If you follow his Instagram you might have seen a few teasers for the release of his next album, but nothing can touch his twitter account right now.

Other rappers are tweeting about their albums, themselves, money, and more standard rapper stuff, but not Fetty.

From working hard, staying positive and tons more Fetty is tackling all your daily problems with some of the best inspirational quotes on the internet.

Some are saying Fetty's recent robbery might have something to do with the random change, but the rappers inspirational tweets seems to have been taking the twittersphere by storm since the beginning of February.

Fetty Wap's inspirational tweets are becoming a key part to the day, because who wouldn't want to have some wisdom thrusted upon them from their favorite rapper.

So start your day off right and get inspired @fettywap on twitter is where to go to get your daily dose of Fetty wisdom.

He is actually the greatest person on twitter right now and here's just a few examples why:

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