Feminism and Equality
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Feminism and Equality

This is an opinion piece on Feminism and Equality!


Equality in the world has truly come such a long way. Women rights have improved immensely which has created a strong, positive culture for women in today's world. There are so many women in high positions and can prove they can run the world. However, the rights that we have today is just not enough for women yet. In March of 2018, there was the women's march which I stand by 100%. I just am a little lost in what exactly the women's march was fighting for? I know that this saying is clique, but some jobs are truly made for men only. There are job specifics entailed that fit the structure of a men's mind and body structures. One perfect example of this is the navy seals. There is no women in the navy seals, even though they are allowed to undergo the training for it, women simply cannot keep up with the men. Now I am not saying that just because a women cannot bench as much as a man or does not have the mental ability that men do, it is just proven that women think differently than a man does and do not possess the muscular strength that men do. The Navy Seals possess a different breed of men and those who do represent that branch have worked hard, trained themselves to think and be different than most.

I am not fully a feminist, let's get that one straight. I fully believe in women being treated equal and to have the same opportunities as men. I am a women who was raised to be strong, independent and to not lean on a man for support so I understand why feminist believe in the feminist laws. However, I do perceive things to be different than a full feminist. I trust that women will and can do their best at higher positions like a CEO and can potentially do better than a man. Today is not just a mans world like it used to be and I take comfort in that. I just believe that there are differences still in society that divide men verses women. Men and women are constructed differently. Women have natural hormones that make us nurtures and caregivers; our natural instincts are too protect and to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy. Whereas, most men feel the need to provide and support. Which brings me to my next point, I understand that roles may be reversed for some people and I fully support that act. I just do not exactly understand what some women think we deserve but are not given?

I believe that the women's march was due to the lack of inequality of profit for women in the professional environment. For example, Angela Ahrendts, she is the only women amongst 68% of men working and overseeing Apple's 497 stores worldwide which is astonishing. Ahrendts was brought up in the company and brought over from Burberry, when she the CEO, and has completely changed Apple's sights. Ahrendts has brought over so many ideas and has continuously improved the brand of Apple by turning the stores and spaces into learning hubs. Although she is among all men in her division, she is still the most powerful employee for Apple and is in the process of completely changing Apple. Ahrendts has shown the world what women can do if they are good at their job and how powerful the women species can truly be. Angela can be seen as a highly respected women in a man's world. However, the important thing for women to understand is that she was given the same opportunities as all men and women but was chosen based on merit.

Women are highly respected in today's society and have come such a long way from history. There is nothing wrong with being a feminist and believing women are just as powerful, smart and strong as men. My point for this piece is to prove that women have come such a long way and have so much equality compared to what we used to have. To be a women is to be powerful, strong, confident, independent and supported. To be a feminist, is to believe that women can do all things men can but to not believe all men can do what women can. I have a great understanding of the feminist point of view but I do not believe that women are not treated equally in today's world. I have seen over and over again, that women have just as much opportunities as a man and that some times, a man is better suited for a job. I see the world a little differently, I guess, but I will always, always believe in strong women and rising up to a challenge.

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